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IT Managed Service

Most companies already have an IT Support in place, the service we offer at Net-Defence is different.

Traditional IT Support teams operate on a reactive model – they fix problems as they occur, or when something is not working as expected. This can be catastrophic if an event occurs out of hours and work doesn’t start to resolve this until the next working day. The key methodologies we apply is prevention and a proactive approach, these are critical to your IT to avoid unplanned outages and downtime.

We place intelligent monitoring to your IT environment which provides real time information to allow us to;

  • Detect – identify problems ahead of or as an incident occurs
  • Resolve – fix problems in a timely manner to avoid outages
  • Change – apply scheduled changes to avoid downtime

This maximises performance, and reduced costs as prevention is more cost effective than cure!

Do you worry about patches, back-ups and servers? We can help. With ND-Central, we can show you your entire infrastructure on one screen – every laptop, desktop, printer and server. The traffic light system instantly alerts our Net Services team to any issues.

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From full managed service to IT installs, IT upgrades through to data recovery

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