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IT Managed Service

It is impossible for any business to operate without a functioning and effective IT infrastructure and systems. IT Managed Services is becoming an ever more popular alternative to in-house or on-demand outsourced services. Transitioning accountability for your IT to Net Defence brings all of the benefits you would expect and more including; breadth and depth of expertise, improved availability & cost savings.

At Net Defence we recognise your IT is both critical and strategic. Partnering with us we will work with you to identify and remediate any immediate risk and develop a longer-term strategy that considers the business needs and investment priorities.

Traditional IT Support services operate on a reactive model; they fix problems as they occur, or when something is not working as expected. This can be catastrophic if an event occurs out of hours and work doesn’t start to resolve this until the next working day.

The key methodologies we apply is prevention and a proactive approach, these are critical to your IT to avoid unplanned outages and downtime.  We place intelligent monitoring to your IT environment which provides real time information to allow us to;

  • Detect – identify problems ahead of or as an incident occurs
  • Resolve – fix problems in a timely manner to avoid outages
  • Change – apply scheduled changes to avoid downtime

This maximises performance and reduces costs as prevention is more cost effective than cure!

Using our Remote Management and Maintenance (RMM) system we will ensure all your devices receive the latest security updates keeping you working safely. Should an issue occur our automated self-healing technology can resolve many problems before they are even noticed.

Should an issue not be resolved our monitoring alerts us and automatically creates a ticket so we can begin to investigate and resolve it quickly and efficiently.

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Digital and Cloud Transformation

As cloud technology matures, organisations must focus on building secure and flexible cloud ecosystems.

Backup and Recovery

Using the industry-leading software, we ensure that backups of your data are created regularly and stored off-site.


Making communication simple and reliable.

Information Security Assurance

Keeping you and your business safe through knowledge and technology.