Knowledge through experience. Resilience through insight.

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Accessible advice

We deliver practical advice tailored to your organisation. We steer clear of industry jargon and focus on helping you to build an informed, secure and resilient business both now and in the future.

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Internal intelligence

Our IT, cyber and telephony specialists are industry-leaders. They deliver the most up-to-date training and apply current industry knowledge to help you form a robust defence against operational threats.

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Complete solutions

We understand that IT, cyber and telephony are interconnected. We're here to help secure, protect and defend your business every step of the way, bolstering your resilience against common threats.

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Welcome to the Ogilvie Group - three generations of family leadership

Net Defence are proud to be part of the Ogilvie Group, a third-generation group of family businesses operating across Scotland, England and Wales.

As an SME ourselves, we strive to understand our customers concerns and frustrations. We endeavour to put our customers at the heart of our business, working with individuals to truly understand their position and provide solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of a business.

No matter the size of your organisation, or what you do, our solutions are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your IT infrastructure, communications systems and company data.

Here to protect, provide support, and help keep your organisation secure and resilient.

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Ensuring a security-centric approach

With the end of landline technology in 2025 everything within your organisation will be fully dependent on your IT infrastructure.  Combined with the continued increase in cyber threats;  business continuity, security and resilience is emerging at the forefront as an essential service to protect business operations.

With a vast amount of information available online, often conflicting, coming from many sources, it can be difficult to know where to look and which source to turn to.

By partnering with our team of specialists, you can have peace of mind that we will work to reduce your level of risk, safeguard your data, and guide you to achieving appropriate industry certifications.

Debra Cairns, Managing Director

Debra Cairns

Managing Director

Before joining Net-Defence, Debra worked for multinational consumer goods corporation, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), gaining over 19 years of finance and IT experience that Debra has brought to her current role.

From 2018 onwards, Debra has worked for Net-Defence, and in 2020 stepped into the role as Managing Director, building a team of skilled professionals, focusing on what is right for the business and the client and keeping resilience front of mind.

Looking to avoid selling fear, Debra is passionate about simplifying cyber security to educate businesses on best practices and emerging threats, ensuring support is affordable, attainable, and available for all.

John Hay Head of Cyber Resilience

John Hay

Head of Cyber Resilience

John joined Net Defence in 2018, bringing over 20 years of experience to the role and is now Head of Cyber Resilience.

John prides himself on his ability to explain complex processes in simple, understandable language, helping to educate businesses on ways they can protect their infrastructure and data. This has allowed John to form strong, meaningful relationships with customers and has helped several organisations with their cyber resilience, information security and data protection journey.

As the Head of Cyber Resilience, John has a passion for making cyber security accessible and aims to demystify complex security concepts, supporting businesses to operate confidently and without fear of disruption.

Craig Hester Head of Operations and IT

Craig Hester

Head of Operations

Craig is the Head of Operations at Net-Defence. Before joining the company in 2019, Craig worked across a variety of industries, including finance, manufacturing, private, and public sectors.

Craig focuses on understanding our customers and supporting them in reaching their objectives. Craig prioritises business resilience, utilising 25 years of IT industry experience and knowledge of dedicated technologies to add real-value to customer guidance.

Day-to-day, Craig leads our team of support and telecoms engineers and is always on hand to offer help and advice to both the team and  customers.

Dean Oxnard Senior IT Operations Associate

Dean Oxnard

Senior IT Operations Associate

Dean is the Senior IT Operations Associate at Net-Defence, starting his journey with the company as a 2nd line Support Engineer in 2018.

Dean has years of experience working with various backup, server, storage, and cloud services, and is also involved with managing projects and installations within the IT department for both internal and MSP customers.

Day-to-day, Dean oversees the operations of the support team in addition to responding to and finding a solution for urgent requests and server maintenance or outages. Dean’s experience and knowledge of problem-solving in the IT industry provides valued support to Net Defence customers in maintaining their business resilience and keeping their systems and data secure.

Craig Hamilton Head of Business Development

Craig Hamilton

Head of Business Development

Craig joined Net-Defence in 2022 as a Commercial Account Manager. In 2024, Craig became the Head of Business Development tasked with growing the sales teams in Gateshead and Stirling.

With over 17 years of sales experience across a range of industries, Craig has a passion for communicating without technical jargon, something that can often deter businesses from working with and trusting a cyber and IT company.

Craig’s key to success when it comes to sales, is listening to, and understanding customers’ needs, becoming a solution and trusted resource to ensure long-term customer retention.

Craig has built up an established presence in North East networking, collaborating with, and supporting businesses, as a vital part of his role.

Daniel Step Business Development Manager

Daniel Step

Business Development Manager

Daniel joined Net-Defence in 2021, taking on the role of Business Development Manager due to his extensive experience in account management, cyber, and technology sales.

Day-to-day, Daniel balances developing new business opportunities for Net-Defence with building long-lasting relationships with customers, stakeholders, and the executive team and board members.

A key aspect of Daniel’s role is assisting with customer requests and issuing escalations, whether that be developing new business opportunities with existing customers, negotiating contracts, or finalising commercial agreements.

Passionate about securing the best solution for each customer and removing fear from the process, Daniel is committed to providing our customers with outstanding cyber, IT and telephony services, bringing immediate value and practical solutions.

Linsey Park Finance Manager

Linsey Park

Finance Manager

Before joining Net-Defence in 2023, Linsey worked for the Ogilvie Group for over 20 years, starting in an administration role before moving into her current role as Finance Manager.

Linsey gained experience from multiple divisions along the way, and as a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT),  oversees the production of precise and detailed management accounts with integrity and professionalism.

Linsey provides financial assistance throughout the organisation while delivering friendly and supportive customer service to both customers and suppliers, nurturing and sustaining the relationships the Net Defence team have built.

Randall Bell, Sales Support Executive

Randall Bell

Sales Support Executive

Randall joined Net-Defence in 2024, taking on the role of Sales Support Executive. Prior to joining the team, he worked within the motor trade for over 10 years building knowledge and gaining experience in sales, administration and marketing.

New to the world of cyber and IT, day-to-day Randall uses his existing skillset gained from previous roles to help support the wider sales team and is excited to grow and take on new opportunities within the company.

Randall has quickly become the helping hand within the sales team, taking on responsibilities in order to free up time to bring in new business opportunities and building and maintaining relationships based on professionalism and trust.

Karen Forbes Business Development Manager

Karen Forbes

Business Development Manager

Before joining Net-Defence in 2024, Karen traversed a variety of sectors, starting as a gymnastics coach, and moving on to work in the film and television industry as well as the start-up tech sector.

Karen is passionate about empowering young individuals to pursue opportunities in STEM fields while actively championing women in business and uses her role to further expand her network in the IT and cybersecurity sectors.

As a Business Development Manager, Karen provides support with day-to-day operations to help alleviate each organisation’s pain points and shares crucial industry news and updates with her network. As rumblings of cyber threats grow louder, Karen is dedicated to ensuring that companies are fortified against these challenges.

Business Development Manager Chris Connelly

Chris Connelly

Business Development Manager

Before joining the team in June 2024, Chris worked across various industries, supporting a variety of companies with their business development strategies.

With 6 years of experience in the mobile phone industry, Chris transitioned his skills and passion for innovation to the construction sector.

For over seven years, he thrived in the dynamic world of construction, specifically within the electrical industry and now leverages his diverse background and brings a fresh perspective to the cyber field.

Our History

We have gone through significant evolution as the world has digitised, however, one thing has remained constant; the ability to react to our customers’ needs with industry leading solutions.

Today, we continue to protect and support organisations, providing up-to-date industry knowledge, industry recognised training and qualifications and real-world business resilience solutions regardless of size and sector.

Our aim is to simplify cyber security and resilience, IT support and telephony services, making them affordable, attainable, and available to all.

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In the beginning

We began our journey as a telecommunications company, through an acquisition in 1994. Originally a division of Ogilvie Management Services, we provided telecommunication installation and support to sister companies Ogilvie Construction and Ogilvie Fleet.

Net-Defence team member on computer

1999 - 2002

Early growth

In this period we saw steady growth and supported a wide and varied customer base by providing hardware, installation, maintenance and training. In the year 2000, we changed our name to Ogilvie Communications Limited and in 2002, we identified an opportunity for growth and entered into the world of IT.

Tablet in a server room

2003 - 2004

Integrating our service offering

We continued to provide outstanding telecommunication services whilst building a new set of IT service offerings, to meet the needs of our new and existing customers. Towards the end of 2004, we were offering a wide range of services from occasional single solutions and support, to fully managed telecommunications and IT Services.

Team member providing customer support online


Expansion outside of Scotland

As part of our growing business, we acquired Comtec Business Equipment in 2007, allowing us to increase our presence outside of Scotland. This led to the further expansion of our telecommunication expertise, bringing market leader Samsung into our service offering. We acquired existing staff with installation and customer support experience into the business, many of whom remain with us today.

Two Net-Defence team members around a laptop

2015 - 2018

The Net-Defence rebrand

In 2015 we changed our name to Net-Defence to better represent the integrated telecommunication and IT services we continue to provide to this date. During this period of evolution, the company consciously decided to provide secure solutions for IT and telecommunications. The security side of the business flourished during this period while we retained our core IT and Comms business.

Team member in a server room

2019 - 2022

The rise of cyber resilience

As the world continued to digitise a new risk emerged, cyber. To continue to support our customers we added cyber services to our portfolio, bringing in Cyber Essentials, GDPR and security testing. More recently, we have merged these under our Cyber Resilience umbrella offering, combining services and certifications to ensure your organisation remains operational should the worst happen.

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Simplifying IT, telephony and cyber

As cyber risk continued to increase, and with the end of landline technology in sight, everything within organisations will soon be fully dependent on IT infrastructure. Business continuity, cyber security and resilience began to emerge at the forefront as an essential service to protect business operations, so we aimed to ensure accessibility to resilience solutions across all sectors.

Managing Director and Business Development Manager under Net-Defence signage


A brand new service offering

As we continue to support and guide our customers, we are also evolving and adapting to the digital world we all live and operate in. In 2024, business resilience as a service emerged. We took all of our core services and merged them to provide customers with a blended offering to increase their ability to adapt, survive and thrive in a world of constant threat to operations.

Defence, protection, security. We've got you covered.

Whether you need to enhance your approach to cyber threats, overhaul your IT infrastructure or improve your communications, we’re here to help and advise. Talk to a specialist today and take the next step towards being a stronger, more resilient business.

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