Proofpoint; a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, today released its eighth annual State of the Phish report, which provides an in-depth look at user phishing awareness, vulnerability, and resilience.

The summary for 2021: Email-Based Attacks Dominated the Threat Landscape in 2021; Tailored Security Awareness Training Remains Critical for Protecting Hybrid Work Environments

UK survey respondents results for 2022

  • 91% experienced at least one successful phishing attack.
  • 84% faced at least one email-based ransomware attack.
  • 81% faced one or more business email compromise (BEC) attack.
  • 78% dealt with at least one ransomware infection.
  • Of these, 82% opted to pay at least one ransom.
  • UK is the most likely to face high volumes of non-email-based social engineering attacks in 2021.
    • More than 20% faced 50+ smishing, social media, and vishing attacks
    • 78% faced at least one malicious USB drop.
  • The UK has the greatest security awareness programs in place, 59% Vs 57% global average.
  • 77% punish employees who interact with real or simulated phishing attacks, a 28% increase from 2021. Including inflicting monetary punishment (42%) and terminating employees (29%)

What can you do to avoid becoming another stat in the 2022 report?

  • Information Security Awareness Training; your employees are your best line of defence if your IT systems don’t stop the threat.
  • Simulated phishing and other email-based attacks to test and educate your employees.
  • Information Security Incident response protocols in place; reporting, and issue handling.

At Net Defence we provide training and phishing testing to our customers starting for a little as £17.50 per user per year.

Our information security bundles start from less that £1,000. Providing your organisations with NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) recognised and recommended certifications.

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