Cyber Threat Level is Heightened – what actions do you need to take?

UK organisations should act amidst heightened tensions – NCSC 25TH Feb 2022

Following Russia’s further violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the NCSC has called on organisations to bolster their online defences.

While the NCSC is unaware of any current threats to UK organisations, it is important that steps are taken to improve cyber resilience in the event of an attack.

Ransomware attacks almost doubled in 2021, that along with the current uncertainty that Russia’s recent actions have caused the NCSC a call to action for all Organisations to review and strengthen their online defences.

There are some simple steps you can take today to ensure you are better protected under the current heightened threat, and any new threats that may emerge.

  • Check your systems for patching and updates.
  • Review and verify access controls, in particular admin and privileged users.
  • Test and review your current defences.
  • Review your monitoring.
  • Review and test your backups and recovery.
  • Information Security and Phishing training for all employees.

Many of the actions the NCSC are recommending are a standard part of our MSP IT Services.

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We can also offer an independent health check of your IT infrastructure and environment, covering many of the recommendations that the NCSC have suggested.

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