Why Does Your Organisation Need a Managed Service Provider

Deciding to employ the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a tough call for an organisation. There is a level of trust that must be put into the MSP as there will be sensitive information within your IT system. The MSP should operate to a high security standard and take all necessary steps to ensure your company data is always secure. Net-Defence works on a principle of building security into everything we do.

Generally, MSPs can vary from Managed IT Support, Managed Systems, Managed Networks, and many more depending on the specifics of what you are looking for. There are Managed Service Providers who deal with one sector exclusively, but this does not mean their level of knowledge across the board will suffer. And some, like Net-Defence, can do it all!

The benefits include having access to Information Technology support staff, exactly when you need them, for just one monthly fee. An experienced MSP can help you save money and time, by taking the burden off your staff. Managed services are a way to get your IT back on track, instead of spending all their time fixing recurring issues. MSPs are adept at handling everything from server crashes to new software implementations. Net-Defence will ensure that your company is running as efficiently as possible with comprehensive data monitoring and analysis, detailed network and IT audits and planning for future growth.

Other benefits of an MSP are that they will offer faster response times since they use remote monitoring tools. And their experience mean they can focus on more important tasks, moving your business forward, rather than troubleshooting minor problems such as backing up data or connecting printers.

The reality is you pay a professional because they know more than you, are qualified, experienced and have knowledge you will never gain-so why not use them?

An IT professional can help you and your colleagues from as little as £1 per day per device. YES, an expert will help you for £1 per day per device and will, 9 times out of ten, fix the problem within minutes. Learn More

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