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The most topical questions about digital threat from small and medium UK law firms

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The most topical questions about digital threat from small and medium UK law firms

Over 150 guests from law firms spanning the length and breadth of the UK attended this year’s LawWare conference, held in Edinburgh. Net-Defence joined The Law Society of Scotland as guest speakers to address the audience on the current digital threat landscape in a digital age and compliance around GDPR.

LawWare is one of the UK’s most popular legal software providers for small to medium sized law firms and works effectively in partnership with clients to support them to get best value and best use from their case management, marketing and billing.

Presented and chaired by LawWare’s founder and Managing Director, Warren Wander, the daylong event comprised of a series of informative and entertaining sessions. His main theme for the day was helping your law firm to be a Stronger Business.

Warren gave a run-down of some of the new features that would be available in forthcoming editions of the software, which Law firms use for case management and billing management. You can read the full report here.

Warren likened LawWare to a Swiss Army knife and demonstrated several different, less well-known aspects of the LawWare software. The main areas covered included:

  • A demonstration of the latest version of the software.
  • How to better organise your data.
  • How to use the software’s tools to make you more productive.
  • Built-in compliance and GDPR tools.
  • Using the Cash Accounts and keeping a check on your profitability.
  • Flexible working and the Client Portal.

James, Deputy Registrar with the Law Society of Scotland presented delegates with an in-depth analysis of the implications of the GDPR for law firms. He also gave details about how the Law Society itself was gearing up for GDPR implementation.

Next to speak was Alan Greig, Managing Director of Net-Defence.

Alan gave a keen insight into the pitfalls of poor security and how the people in a law firm can increase or decrease risk levels of security dependant on your processes and training. Stress testing and business continuity testing, gap analysis and training Partners, as well as staff, on social engineering were all explored. A high-profile case study was shared along with insights to what good looks like for a protected law firm in a digital age, both of which generated a lot of reaction from the audience.

A queue of firm Partners and Practice Managers formed to speak with Alan Greig after his session.

Here is a round up of the most topical questions raised about security in law firms in today’s digital threat landscape;

  • Is the Legal Sector a vulnerable target?
  • Is it not just big firms at risk?
  • How often do I need to do a Penetration Test?
  • Will regular penetration testing reduce my insurance?
  • How do I protect myself from Cyber Criminals trying to acquire information about merger           agreements, letters of intent, confidentiality agreements?
  • How do I protect myself against ‘’man in the middle attacks’’ ie phishing email campaigns  appearing to originate from a legal colleague?
  • Do I need Cyber Essentials Plus?
  • What’s the difference between Cyber Essentials Plus and Cyber Essentials?
  • What governance aspects for digital threat should we be including in our GRC section of our board meetings?
  • Can digital investigations help with fraud and divorce investigations?

If you would like to discuss any of these questions and how the answers might relate to your firm or clients don’t hesitate to contact LawWare or Net-Defence who can arrange for one of the security specialist team members at Net-Defence to contact you.

What delegates had to say?

“Got to chat to a lot of people today (old faces & new ones) and was particularly impressed to meet two practice managers at the table post-lunch. I also thought your speakers were both excellent – especially Alan.  Just disappointed I couldn’t stay longer!”

Angie D’Andrea, T C Young.

“Dear Warren, I too can only concur with the positive feedback you have received. The event was exceptionally well planned and executed. The additional speakers added value to the day and both Alpin and I came away feeling our time had been well spent. It was certainly worth attending and what is more you and your team listen! Thank you.”

Gordon McIntosh, Practice Manager,Munro & Noble.

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