Your business is unique and each potential threat it faces is unique too. Testing at Net-Defence is tailored accordingly, reflecting your business needs and evolving environmental and prevalent threats. Utilising a broad range of intrusive and non-intrusive methodologies as well as the tools available to potential aggressors, we test against business processes and consult with you on security improvements.

Pen Test

Stress testing an organisation’s security system provides a valuable understanding of real-world integrity. Our Penetration Test is designed to achieve a specific, attacker-simulated goal and is often requested by organisations who are nearing their desired security posture. A typical goal could be to access the contents of a specific customer database on the internal network or to modify a record in an HR system. 

Our approach is one of reconnaissance and inspection, identifying any weaknesses before they become an issue. We generate a report outlining how security was breached and suggestions on how to remediate any issues. The remediation exercise also provides a valuable baseline for security and, if possible, a root cause for any vulnerabilities that were discovered. 

A penetration test has a limited lifespan with any subsequent changes to systems creating new potential vulnerabilities. We therefore offer training to bring the procedure in-house, providing the tools and facilities to undertake the majority of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning within a client’s operations team.

Health Check

Road mapping ICT security issues helps organisations identify and prioritise vulnerabilities that need resolving. Our IT Health Check is a service most suited to clients who are aware they are not optimally aligned in ICT security, offering an objective on-site diagnosis, analysis and ranking of potential issues. 

By taking a ‘white box’ approach, our expert analysts obtain administrator level access to systems, networks and configurations, helping to save time on costly discovery exercises and analysing a larger proportion of a system’s environment.

Our service aims to identify the root causes of issues, provide a prioritised list of vulnerabilities and deliver a pragmatic remediation strategy to suit the client, their business environment and any risk balance decisions they need to make.


Regardless of how sophisticated a security system is, the ‘human element’ is the deciding factor of its effectiveness. All systems are ultimately controlled by humans and however complex a technical solution is, access by untrained or uncaring authorised users can create significant risk.

We engage with the ‘human element’ at the inception of any security evaluation, identifying risks and providing practical advice on a layered protection model.


Appliance ‘HoBIT’ (Hosted Boundary Intrusion Tool), provides penetration testing with the regularity and frequency needed to stay ahead of these threats. With bespoke training, our service equips clients with the knowledge, skills and cutting-edge technology to run efficient, secure penetration testing from in-house. This transforms irregular, external, expensive penetration testing, into an internal, business as usual, operational service that your own infrastructure administrators can manage.

HoBIT can transform the security stance of a client’s business by embedding critical skills within the organisation. It delivers the ability to run weekly, or even daily, penetration tests against a baseline of known results and provides access to the latest Net-Defence testing suite, including hacking tools used by cyber criminals that would otherwise be quarantined by corporate anti-virus. The service is backed by our own Net-Defence CHECK Team leaders in house, who can provide advice and support if necessary.

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