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Broadband connectivity continues to be a real business headache in areas with no 4G signal or fibre services.

We already support our customers with traditional broadband and 4/5G connectivity. We have been working with our sister companies to find a solution for areas where traditional connectivity does not work or is not available.

The answer; broadband satellite internet services.

Leveraging satellite technology, we have been able to provide a cost-effective and reliable internet service.

The technology; using a low to Earth orbiting satellite constellation reduces the time for data to circulate between the user and the satellite (known as latency).  This type of connectivity can now deliver high-speed internet capable of supporting video calls, streaming and online gaming. Not possible with traditional satellite constellations.

This provides connectivity to impossible areas, and the upfront costs are low and there are no long-term contract tie-ins (30 day rolling contract).

Our recent installations;

Ogilvie Construction was ready to break ground on a site that is in a remote area of Aberdeen. As this is the very first phase of construction there was no fibre in the area and 3G mobile connectivity was unstable. Without connectivity the start of the project would have been delayed. We were able to install satellite broadband within a working week. The install for a new instance of fibre broadband can take up to three months, and incurs substantial costs (thousands of pounds).

First Vehicle Leasing, the latest addition to Ogilvie group of companies, moved to brand new offices and required immediate connectivity. 4G connectivity was weak and unreliable in the area. We installed satellite broadband and the site was up and running with two weeks. Once the permanent fibre broadband is installed the satellite system will stay in place, and will be used for backup resilience. As this connection will only be used if the primary line fails, there is no cost while the connection is dormant. If required, the connection can be activated remotely.


  • High speed, reliable internet service
  • Small upfront costs (hardware)
  • Short lead time for installation, and immediate activation
  • 30 day rolling contract, when active
  • No cost for retain for resilience backup to primary connection
  • Immediate remote re-activation (once hardware is installed)

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