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On-Premise Telephony

For some organisations moving to public cloud hosting is not viable, for example those for whom their reputation rely on their ability to maintain the privacy of their client’s data, remaining on premise is the most appropriate solution.

When security is a significant priority, and ensuring you remain fully in control of all business information is of the utmost importance leveraging new technology but remaining on premise is the optimum solution.

Remaining on-premise not only allows you to transition from analogue technology to VoIP it also delivers an integrated unified communication solution with many benefits including;

  • Easy of use and deployment
  • Scalable growth, capped at 3000 users
  • Private cloud
  • Partner/customer hosted or on premise
  • Integration with compatible third-party app’s

At Net-Defence we have years of experience in helping our customers choose the right phone systems to suit their business. Over 400 customers rely on Net-Defence delivering a reliable phone system.

Moving to cloud does bring additional benefits which are not available with on premise these include;

  • Unlimited scalability
  • SIP & minutes included
  • 100+ third-party app integration
  • Global footprint

No matter if your business is a single site, multi-site or individual users working from home – we have a VoIP/cloud solution that can help you. We have access to industry best in class partners to meet your business need, no matter how small or complex.

Table of Benefits for Avaya IP Office

Cloud Hosted Telephony

Flexible growth, almost instant ability to increase capacity and no reliance on physical infrastructure

Cabling Installations

Improve resilience of your network across your organisation

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Managing your technology, enabling your business to operate efficiently and securely.

Information Security Assurance

Keeping you and your business safe through knowledge and technology.