Cabling Installations

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Cabling Installations

Having a more organised cabling infrastructure should result in:

  • Long term cost reduction and return on investment.
  • Greater business continuity.
  • Resilience across your organisation.

We can offer two types of cabling installations – Structured and Point-to-Point.

Network Cabling requires a fair amount of strategic planning and implementing. This means that Structured Cabling is always recommended over Point-to-Point Cabling.

As a data transmission system, structured cabling supports data, video, multiple voices, and various management systems such as security access and energy system.

Structured Cabling is a planned cabling system that systematically sets your fundamental communication mediums. This includes video, multimedia, voice, data security and control for the present and the future.

Point-to-Point cabling is a far more basic system that connects one point of communication to another. This is an ideal solution for a small set up or a fewer number of connections. However, companies with large numbers of users should only opt for Structured Cabling.

With Structured Cabling, you can easily make changes to your system, this allows maximum performance, availability, and redundancy.

Cloud Hosted Telephony

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