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We protect, support and help to keep your business compliant- the three things we do well

Technology is operating in a fast moving, ever changing world. Many organisations have focussed on their IT infrastructure and Enterprise to the detriment of their telephony solution. Why invest in something that already works?

With the announcement that analogue and ISDN services will be turned off in the next few years and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 seeing many office-based workers now operating from home now is the time to understand the options available.

Voice or Telephony over the internet (VoIP) is not a new technology and will replace the analogue services, this means that your telephony services will be managed through your IT infrastructure.

We will continue to support our customers on legacy systems through this period of change.

Benefits of VoIP

  • Enables remote working
  • Protects business continuity with 99.999% uptime
  • No physical system to maintain (for Cloud Hosted)
  • Simplifies billing and removes bill shock with all-inclusive user subscriptions
  • Scales easily with your business
  • Improves staff efficiency with integrated conferencing, messaging, and file sharing tools

At Net-Defence we recognise this is a daunting time with such a significant evolution in how your telephony will work in the future. Our expertise in telephony and IT can help assess your business to identify the optimum solution for you, develop a transition plan and implement this without major disruption to your organisation.

We can also provide cabling services by one of team of certified engineers, want to know more?

Cloud Hosted Telephony

Flexible growth, almost instant ability to increase capacity and no reliance on physical infrastructure

On-Premise Telephony

Maintenance of older telephony systems in the run up to the BT/Openreach PSTN/ISDN 2025 Switch Off

Cabling Installations

Improve resilience of your network across your organisation