Team member spotlight: Kyle Caknis

Team Spotlight 25th June 2024

We’d like to introduce you to Kyle Caknis, our IT Support and Cyber Analyst who has been an essential part of the Net-Defense team since 2021.

We recently met with him to discuss his professional journey, accomplishments, and day-to-day responsibilities. Find out more about Kyle below:

Why don’t you start by telling us about your career journey?

My career began in 2019 as a Workshop Technician for ASG Computers in South Africa. My daily tasks included repairing and building laptops and desktops. After a year, I was promoted to IT technician, where I was given my own sites to manage and was in charge of setting up, maintaining, and configuring servers, as well as dealing with workstation hardware/software issues and peripherals.

Fast forward to November 2021, I took on my position at Net-Defence, where I have been working as an IT Support and Cyber Analyst ever since.

What brought you to Net Defence?

Back in 2021, I was waiting to begin my basic training for the Royal Marines when I learned that my partner was expecting a baby. As a result, I decided against joining the military and instead returned to IT. Net-Defence was one of the IT companies in Stirling that responded to my email and offered me an interview.

After the initial interview, I was confident that my skills and values were compatible with the culture at Net Defence. I respected what the company stood for and wanted to contribute to Net Defence’s mission of building IT resilience for businesses nationwide.

What qualifications and certificates have you achieved throughout your career?

I have received several qualifications throughout my career so far. These include:

  • IASME Cyber Essentials and Cyber Assurance Assessor Certification
  • Lead Implementor ISO27001 Certification
  • Azure Fundamentals Certification

What are your day-to-day responsibilities in your current role?

My daily responsibilities include resolving a variety of IT issues, both internally and externally, as well as IASME and our own internal cyber essentials marking. It also entails performing monthly internal audits for our ISO27001 certification. My role can also vary depending on the time of year; for example, I am currently responsible for reviewing the policies for Net Defence and the Ogilvie Group in preparation for their annual review.

Thanks to Kyle for taking the time to sit down with us and talk about his career and professional development so far.

We’re very proud of what Kyle has achieved so far and would like to thank him for his continued commitment to Net Defence. We look forward to supporting him as he continues to flourish in his role.

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