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Secure IT

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A secure IT environment differs vastly from secure IT.

This difference between a secure IT environment and secure IT is often misunderstood.

Secure IT can simply refer to software solutions for spam filters and malware. A secure IT environment includes data storage, backup, network design and processes that your people use to operate and protect your assets, data and people.


Security is evolving beyond cyber to mitigate the threats to your business. Today’s security is cognisant of cyber, data protection, governance, legislation, physical security, technical security, staff awareness communications, business continuity and online security for key staff. Security scope can expand beyond your own organisation and into that of your supply chain and clients.

Historically, Cyber Security has been purely a function of IT however, through the evolution of data protection it is now gaining attention at board level. Sadly, the cyber security approach continues to be segmented with organisations implementing projects in isolation, a 27001 implementation to assist tender responses, Cyber Essentials to meet the need of cyber insurance. All worthy projects, but we need a cohesive approach across the entire security threat landscape.

In a digital era, recognised as one of the fastest paced business generations for change, the evolving digital threat landscape makes IT the core of all business stability. That’s why we use a journey approach to ensure on-going reappraisal is embedded within your company, minimising risk by creating a secure IT environment for you.

Having security skilled IT support, either on a daily basis or for project design and implementation is paramount to risk management and operational efficiency.

“If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology”

Bruce Schneier

Our specialists can help you with

✓ IT Security Audits

✓ IT support packages

✓ Managed Services

✓ Infrastructure installations & upgrades

✓ Data storage & back up

✓ Malware, spam filters & Firewalls

✓ Software & licensing purchasing

✓ Software installations & upgrades

✓ Secured By Design Planning

✓ Outsourced IT Departments

✓ Outsourced IT purchasing

✓ Space data security

✓ Virtulisation

A specialist team

IT is the foundation of your organisation. Our team of secure IT specialists is regularly engaged to support in-house teams as well as appointed for outsourced services or for standalone projects.

Lead by former GCHQ Consultant and holding a variety of market leading accreditation’s, our IT specialists are regularly trained on technical and security risk developments within the evolving threat landscape. Secured By Design aware.

Our secure IT specialists also undergo awareness training of where people and process impact on the impact of the IT network. They work closely with our Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Consultants to ensure you have a full understanding of Real World Security. This means you get best value from investment made in secure IT.

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You can trust us – our reputation is established. We are accredited, award winning and part of a 65+ year old family reliable business, serving clients throughout the UK, employing 550+ people.

We are also regularly engaged by IT companies and legal firms to provide trusted independent testing for IT and data protection compliance including GDPR. This can provide robust evidence of effective risk management to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and insurance companies.

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