ND Private

ND Private

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When Information Security and privacy overlap between business and personal.

VIP Online Security is used by those with a high profile, high net worth, or both.  Privacy in a today’s digital era creates new challenges and risk that need specialist support to navigate.

From designing and protecting digital library’s for commercial and personal media archives, to secure communications for peace of mind, or life threat and stalking situations, our specialist team have been trusted by some of the worlds most high profile names, their advisers and their families.

We help you sleep at night.


A VIP supply chain needs in depth screening. When you need to appoint outsiders, our investigations can provide deep intelligence including staff, suppliers, private medical practitioners or educators.

If risk takes a dark turn and media attention enables a route for stalking, life threat or intrusion, our deep undercover team operates in close collaboration with law enforcement in the UK and US to swiftly resolve matters.

Working across business, family members, private schools, agents and family offices, we have an exceptional track record of effectively protecting and supporting those in the public eye.

We fiercely guard online privacy.

Net-Defence works with:

✓ Agents

✓ Legal Teams

✓ Family Offices


✓ Personal Security Teams

✓ Law Enforcement Agencies

✓ Body Guards

✓ Film Location Units

✓ PR Teams

✓ Sports & Entertainment Agents

“When things get personal, privacy and protection require the highest calibre of skill and discretion”


Our specialists can help you with

✓ Personnel & Supplier Investigations

✓ VIP Web Security



✓ Family Member Online Audits

✓ Family Office Security

✓ Film Location Information Security

✓ VIP Telephony Security

✓ VIP Connectivity & Cabling Security

✓ VIP IT Security

In the public eye

Our clients remain confidential. Net-Defence protects some of the worlds most high profile individuals and their families who are challenged running their lives in the public eye in an era of evolving digital threat. Our unique track record of success and our drive to fiercely protect clients’ data, assets and profiles, drives our word of mouth referrals.

Our methods of operation, under complete confidentiality and discretion, enable maximum protection with minimal disruption. Our team includes both male and female personnel which enables reliable and sensitive personal matters to be addressed with skill and care.

Rare media reporting tells a little of our story.

If you would like a private consultation, a member of our Specialist ND Private Team will meet with you in the first instance. We regularly work under Non Disclosure Agreement’s and operate highly secure internal information management systems.

To make a ND PRIVATE enquiry email ndprivate@net-defence.co.uk  or call our office and ask for Joanna Goddard.

Net-Defence Investigations

Let’s talk

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Alternatively, call us on 03300 241666.

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Why choose Net Defence?

You can trust us – our reputation is established. We are accredited, award winning and part of a 65+ year old family reliable business, serving clients throughout the UK, employing 550+ people.

We are also regularly engaged by IT companies and legal firms to provide trusted independent testing for IT and data protection compliance including GDPR. This can provide robust evidence of effective risk management to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and insurance companies.

We offer more than just ND Private

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