At Net-Defence, we support the board of your organisation better to identify, treat and accept risk; demonstrating stronger due diligence to clients and shareholders. Our assistance facilitates better informed, pragmatic and knowledgeable decisions, delivering bespoke risk management systems and board education for your business.

Human Risk

The ‘human element’ is a crucial factor to consider when managing risk. The coercion and manipulation of this element by organised criminals to introduce malicious software and hardware into the corporate environment is increasingly prevalent. A common misconception is that this is only achieved via IT based penetration. Rapid growth in sophisticated and highly targeted social engineering on site, via telecoms and via email and social media is a serious security threat to all organisations.

Our services help to mitigate this risk by considering all aspects of human interaction within a client’s core business processes. We analyse access control mechanisms and consider staff awareness of social engineering methods, testing their resilience to these types of attack.

Although people can create the greatest vulnerability, they can also provide the greatest defence. We undertake structured security awareness training with our clients, tailored to business requirements and the levels of seniority and access to ICT systems and processes each individual has.


Auditing and assessing risk processes within organisations ensures potential failures are identified and resolved before they can impact business continuity. Our process based, Risk Management service can be tailored to audit and review each process within an organisation or specifically focus on those that are most business critical.

By adopting a FMEA approach (Failure, Mode and Effects and Analysis), our analysis provides both a quantitative, and a qualitative assessment, increasing the quality and effectiveness of risk assessment. We deliver a detailed analysis of core business processes that identify how a process step may fail, the root cause of failure, preventative and detection controls and the severity of the impact. FMEA analysis considers information security and failure modes beyond ICT elements, taking into account the entire end-to-end process.


The gathering of threat intelligence ensures that an organisation or individual can preempt and plan against risks posed to their safety. We specialise in evidence based knowledge to provide actionable advice on existing or emerging threats and hazards.

Our service can gather and generate threat intelligence for an organisation (e.g. the source of advanced persistent threat, espionage, spying, IPR theft) or for an individual and their families. When it concerns individuals, intelligence can be used to make informed decisions regarding the subject’s response, working alongside close protection and law enforcement teams where necessary.

Our specialist team has been carefully recruited from law enforcement and technical security roles with a varied skill set including criminology, profiling, psychology, accredited legal hacking and design backgrounds. Many have worked on UK Government protectively marked and classified projects requiring SC clearance.


Physical and data assets form the backbone of an organisation’s infrastructure and require increasingly innovative physical products to protect them from risk.

We are continually developing and expanding our portfolio of products to protect your real-world physical assets. Our portfolio includes technologies to protect against metal theft, the monitoring and control of radar equipment, fibre optic cabling security systems, dry air solutions for data storage and transfer and applications to protect energy sources.

Our security consultants have experience working within List-X and other high security environments. We advise on physical security best practice frameworks such as CPNI and legacy frameworks such as SEAP and can provide GAP analysis of your current environment against them.

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