Risk and Compliance

Every organisation operates with risk, how do you want to manage risk?

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Risk and Compliance

Every organisation operates with risk, it is something that is present every day. There are many types of risk some of which are more familiar such as Health and Safety.

In a world where data is king, and protecting it is critical to your ability to continue to operate IT, Information Security and Cyber Risk cannot be ignored. Risk can either be; accepted, mitigated or transferred.

Net-Defence will assess your organisation through a simple 8 step approach. The end result will be risk register which will allow your organisation to;

  • Understand the types of risks and the associated level of risk in which they operate
  • Continual review and monitor critical risks and mitigating controls
  • Make changes to mitigate risk to a lower and more acceptable level

Risk management is key in being able to satisfy regulatory and legal requirements as well as demonstrating your commitment to governance and compliance to your customers.

At the heart of the Net-Defence process is the CIA triad which is central to all IT and Information Security Governance and Risk Management;

  • Confidentiality: Your information is protected from unauthorised access.
  • Integrity: Your information is accurate and complete, and secured from corruption.
  • Availability: Your information is accessible when needed, by authorised users

At Net-Defence, we recognise risk evolves and we are here for the long term to provide ongoing;

  • Guidance – assessing new and emerging risks within your organisation.
  • Consultancy – finding solutions to continue to mitigate your risk.
  • Continuous Monitoring – implementing technology and management systems such as ND Workflow to provide alert and drive action.
  • Calculate CIA Score
  • Practical Support – providing policies and processes to manage and mitigate risk.


Penalties for non-compliance can be up to 4 persent of annual turnover for an organisation.

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