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From £17.50 per user per year

The weakest link into any organisation is its employees as only a single click could enable Cyber criminals to drastically
affect your organisation. This means that employees play a crucial part in your IT Security posture.

Employees who can identify and stop cyberattacks will significantly reduce the risk of a breach. To achieve this, your staff need
to be educated, but most importantly, their behaviour around cybercrime must change.

Net-Defence provide training software and a series of test phishing emails on a regular basis to establish areas of concern.
This is done in three stages, utilising security education software:

  • Stage 1 – Approach your organisation through phishing emails as if it were a real criminal
    using real life information that is publicly available to create a targeted attack.
  • Stage 2 – Educate the staff with short, interactive videos and quizzes on Cyber Security to provide all employees with the correct skills to ensure that they do not fall victim to cyber-crime. These small but effective training bites can be scheduled monthly or to suit your needs.
  • Stage 3 – Monthly phishing emails to be sent to staff to keep employees vigilant and to identify those requiring additional education.

Information Security Assurance

A structured security plan to match your organisation.

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Ensure compliance and gain a competitive edge with essential industry accreditations