ND Workflow

Take a complex system of controls and map it to individual tasks, owners, actions required

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ND Workflow

We have been able to leverage our highly skilled and certified staff to provide the content to perfectly partner with PRIMED technical and software development mastery to bring you ND WorkFlow powered by PRIMED.

Organisation’s often avoid or delay pursuing certifications due to the effort needed and the complexity of the process. This was the driving force in the development of ND WorkFlow with our friends at PRIMED, it takes all steps, actions and measures and brings them to life in a visual platform.

In practical terms; it takes the complex system of controls for ISO27001, IASME Governance and GDPR and it maps every control to individual tasks, owners, actions needed and frequency. It then measures compliance of these tasks, manages escalations and records evidence.

Driving awareness, embedding the need for compliance and accountability across your organisation which over time will become as natural as the need for health and safety.

This provides organisations with;

  • Live updates on compliance levels
  • Continuous monitoring and alert systems for overdue tasks
  • Evidence of compliance
  • Easy management review at relevant levels (e.g. Board level vs Operational level)

This automated system eliminates complexity, and eases the manual intervention, providing a simple and dynamic approach to governance management.

It doesn’t stop here though, we’re already working on other process such as, business continuity planning, disaster recovery and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) accreditation. We’re going to continue our partnership with PRIMED to develop a suite of workflows to help your organisation.

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