GDPR – Data Privacy

Penalties for non compliance can be up to 4 percent of annual turnover for a company

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GDPR - Data Privacy

GDPR has brought upon a sea of change to Data privacy with added responsibilities from the original Data Protection Act 1998. It is the biggest change to European Privacy laws in 20 years. Since BREXIT has taken place the UK version of the GDPR has come into force – The UK DPA 2018 aligns with the EU GDPR so nothing in regards to legislation has changed since our exit from the EU

Penalties for non compliance can be up to 4 percent of annual turnover for a company. Having the right plan and knowing what you need to do is one of the key elements of success on your road to becoming compliant. We can assist you on the journey by:

  • Assessing your current levels of compliance
  • Highlight Processors and Controllers responsibilities
  • Develop Policies
  • Employee awareness training

The benefits to your company will be that you are compliant with a legal obligation which lowers your risk of a fine. It can also give you a marketing edge and gain trust from customers and partners.

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