The workplace is changing, and with this change comes a host of business challenges.

  • How can I enable my work-from-anywhere employees with the right tools for success?
  • What can I monitor and automate to reduce costs and drive innovation?
  • How can I reliably protect business continuity?
  • How can I stay ahead of my competitors by providing a seamless and modern customer experience

With these questions in mind, Net Defence is delighted to announce its partnership with Avaya.

Avaya Logo in red

The Avaya OneCloud ecosystem provides a versatile solution for managing every aspect of communication across your organisation.

Enable apps, automate workflows, manage a fully-fledged contact centre, and keep your internal stakeholders connected independent of geography; whatever the business need, Avaya offers flexible solutions which are as scalable as they are simple to implement.

Avaya OneCloud chart

What’s more, the hybrid nature of the Avaya infrastructure makes it the ideal choice for protecting business continuity and preventing disruptions.

Whether you represent a multinational organisation requiring an enterprise-grade solution to modernise communications, or a small team looking to update your existing system, Avaya is trusted worldwide by SMEs and blue chip companies across all sectors.

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