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Cyber Resilience Centre Launches in Greater Manchester

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“The Cyber Resilience Centre is available for any business in Greater Manchester to take advantage of. We will be offering a range of proactive tools that will help companies defend themselves against online crime. We will also provide a service to companies that have been impacted by online crime. We can help them get back online or we can help other companies that will support them.”

Katie Gallacher, Manchester Digital

We were delighted to attend the launch of Manchester Digital’s Cyber Resilience Centre on Thursday 7th November. The centre protects the region’s businesses from cyberattacks and offers appropriate aftercare when a business has been affected by an attack. The launch was particularly relevant to us as we have several customers in the Greater Manchester area. This is a model that has developed successfully over the last nine years in Scotland and is now being rolled out across England and Wales in partnership with local law enforcement angencies.

Detective Superintendent Neil Jones said a whopping £860 million is spent on cybersecurity in Greater Manchester Police each year. Moreover, 1.2 million residents are victims of cyber-crime in Greater Manchester annually.

You can easily become an unintentional victim of cybercrime through a lack of preventative measures as cyber threats are an international problem.

How The Cyber Resilience Centre Will Counter The Threat

By offering proactive tools, the Cyber Resilience Centre will help local organisations to rest assured that they have done everything they can to safeguard their business.

The centre also offers an aftercare service that helps companies that have already been impacted by online crime.

These government-backed measures provide consistent methods for companies to protect themselves from being a victim of online crime in the first place.

Promoting Cyber Essentials

The new centre will promote the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) and Cyber Essentials. As implementers and practitioners of Cyber Essentials, we can educate and help you get set up with this fantastic accreditation.

We also recommend following these ten steps outlined by the UK government to help you protect against cybercrime.

Remember that the threat changes weekly.

If you think your business may need a full security audit review, please contact our team:

If you would like to learn more about the Scottish Business Resilience Centre you can do so here: