We believe monitoring is more than static technology. Monitoring at Net-Defence is a proactive process of collating intelligence to protect your business assets. We provide the alerts and deterrents to combat covert attacks, data exfiltration and unauthorised use of systems to reduce operational risk. Our tailored solutions employ the latest technologies and are designed and configured to fully integrate and align with your needs.

Real Time

Real-time processing of threat management is a critical function operational teams need to undertake to protect their businesses; yet it can consume a significant amount of resource and require highly specialist skills.

The Net-Defence Security Monitoring as a Service (SMAAS) offers an efficient, real-time, multi-level platform for monitoring and assessing security threats. Our service is tailored to a client’s operational needs and alleviates pressure on resource, helping drive operational efficiencies.

By monitoring networks remotely using high end encryption, data diodes and read only connections from a security operations centre (SOC), our service oversees alerts from firewalls, Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS) and other operational systems. We interpret the alerts and alarms, filter out noise and watch for issues to deal with problems before they arise.



Our Electronic Surveillance service has consulted on cases as diverse as stalking, death threats, damage to reputation, domain squatting, impersonation and piracy. We can also help deploy rapid-response close protection teams globally where a credible threat has been ratified. Additionally this service is suited for detailed background checks, drawing on information from the surface, deep and dark web. It provides our clients with information that enables accurate and assured risk balanced business decisions.

Our client portfolio extends from blue chip companies to public figures and private individuals and we have worked alongside law enforcement agencies in the USA and Europe on a number of high profile cases.


Our covert Physical Surveillance service can provide assurance or evidence of intrusion, leak or association. Clients have utilised this service to confirm suspicions of wrong-doing or to provide assurance in the integrity of key staff. Each solution we deploy is bespoke to the situation, the person of interest and the nature of the surveillance objectives.

Live Threat

Insight is pivotal in understanding and reacting to any threats posed to an organisation. Our Live Threat Testing provides this visibility. We work with clients to investigate the nature of advanced persistent threats, providing reasons for their targeting. Additionally we perform threat profiling ahead of key business events relating to take-overs, aggressive competitor behaviour and changes in the socio-political climate.

Our Live Threat Team uses detailed risk based profiling and bespoke tools to search the surface, deep and dark web for relevant intelligence. By employing social engineering we infiltrate potential threat groups and gather intelligence on potential attacks.  

The team is formed of specialists with backgrounds in law enforcement, the UK security services and private sector specialist technical testing teams – holding full SC clearance and fluent in many languages, they operate at the forefront of the security industry.

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