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Meet The Defenders – John Hay, Secure IT

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Technical Services Consultant John Hay has seen a huge amount of change in the IT and communications sector in his 20+ years in the business. But one of the most recent trends that is developing in the market is the recognition for the need to integrate security across all aspects of clients’ business operations. Our ‘Meet the Defenders’ series gives you insights to some of our specialist areas. Here we find out more about secure IT.

“The IT world has always moved quickly but we have now reached stage where technical services and security are no longer mutually exclusive”, says John. “Almost every business now relies on IT yet not all of them recognise that even the seemingly innocuous aspects, like maintaining an Excel spreadsheet of contacts now carry a responsibility to comply with security and privacy legislation such as GDPR.”

“The threat from cyber crime is evolving on a daily basis as criminals develop more sophisticated plans of attack and businesses have to understand that anti-virus protection and software updates are not adequate protection or validation.  They are best served by adopting an approach to their IT structure management that incorporates a road-map for the next 2- 5 years.

“We work closely with many businesses to help them achieve Cyber Essentials certification, which is the UK standard for security and has now become a prerequisite certification to bid for most public sector contracts. It supports protection from malaware, proper patch management and sets out the processes required for basic security measures.  We are also seeing an increase in audits for clients who want to move to Cyber Essentials Plus certification, which requires third party check on all their machines and processes.

John Hay Net-Defence

“I really enjoy working with different clients to help them move their business forward. We spend a great deal of time getting to know and understand their needs properly, sometimes when they themselves don’t. It’s really rewarding to see that commitment to customer service result in a satisfied customer who we’ve helped to develop fit for purpose IT that meets their day to day needs and time protects from evolving security threats.”


About Net-Defence

Net-Defence is an award winning digital security specialist, helping organisations protect assets, data and people in an age where there is significant risk from digital breach. Our core services include expertise in Penetration Testing, Cyber Essentials, Social Engineering, Secure IT, Secure Telecoms, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

We are part of Ogilvie Group, a 65+year old family business that employs over 500 people nationwide and turnovers in excess of £250m.

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