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Meet The Defenders – Eddie Trainer, Secure Cloud Solutions

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With many year’s experience in IT and communications,  Eddie Trainer believes the absolute commitment to go the extra mile for clients and accredited specialists is what makes Net-Defence stand out in a crowded sector. Our ‘Meet the Defenders’ series gives you insights to some of our specialist areas. Here we find out more about secure cloud solutions.

The team has a full range of exceptional knowledge and skills when it comes to telephony, IT and security but he believes their approach is unique.

“As a part of one of the country’s most successful family owned businesses we have instilled a unique set of values and integrity across the business that focus on delivering quality and service for our clients. We see the relationship as a partnership and genuinely want to deliver the solution that best meets their long-term needs”, says Eddie. 

“It’s an approach that shows our clients that we are invested in their business objectives and want to always do our best to support them.

“Our team has a diverse range of knowledge and skills that allows us to take an overview of our clients’ needs rather than operating in silos of product or specialism. Clients want end to end solutions so that whether its cloud services or new telephony solutions, cyber security is applied across all and a whole business impact is evaluated to make ensure the most secure environment. Our team includes a wide range of accredited specialists”

“We’ve seen a sustained trend towards cloud-based solutions as clients recognise the benefits that cloud computing brings to their business, particularly for multi-site organisations with mobile staff and remote workers.  Of course, clients need reassurance that their data is absolutely safe if it is hosted offsite, which is why we use only the most secure rated data centres.

Eddie Trainer Net-DefenceWhile we build security into every aspect of our clients’ needs, with cloud services they often overlook the need for bandwith.  Efficient and effective cloud based systems need a big data connection with high bandwith. That’s why we spend time at the start of a projects identifying all of the client’s operational business needs, including staff numbers and locations, to assess their data connection needs and ensure that they are fit for purpose.

“One of the best aspects of this job is that we are constantly learning about other businesses and developing new relationships as we become part of their team and work together deliver best value solutions.”



About Net-Defence

Net-Defence is an award winning digital security specialist, helping organisations protect assets, data and people in an age where there is significant risk from digital breach. Our core services include expertise in Penetration Testing, Cyber Essentials, Social Engineering, Secure IT, Secure Telecoms, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

We are part of Ogilvie Group, a 65+year old family business that employs over 500 people nationwide and turnovers in excess of £250m.

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