Noise ….. a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance. In the business world this is something business leaders have to navigate on a daily basis!

Amongst the swirl, promises and fear mongering even as an MD in an IT & Information Security Organisation it is difficult to hear the message. This includes a wide range of types of communication and a vast scope of subjects. Latest and greatest technologies that will change the world never mind your business to magic cures for “cybercrimes”.

This is something that has frustrated me for some time. Working in the Information Technology sector I know there are some great services and products out there but how do I filter through this??

This made me stop and think about Net-Defence, we are just like you! We are SME, we face all of the same challenges you face. Net-Defence is not a multinational institution, we are proud to be part of a 3rd generation family business operating with trust, transparency and ownership at our core.

I made the decision that as an organisation we need to be more open, clear and candid about what we do, what value we bring to your organisation and make the complex straightforward and easy.

Our purpose; “To provide our customers with outstanding IT, Telephony & Information Security Services, bringing immediate value and practical solutions to their organisations

There are 3 things we do very well;

Managed IT

Help you manage your IT infrastructure (cloud, on premise) and support your users, allowing your organisation to focus on business priorities.

In a world where everything is online, being offline is a cost organisations can ill afford. Net-Defence will oversee the confidentiality, integrity and availability across your environment through proactive and agile solutions to reduce the risk of downtime and loss of service.

Transitioning accountability for your IT to Net Defence brings all of the benefits you would expect and more including; breadth and depth of expertise, improved availability & cost savings.

At Net Defence we recognise your IT is both critical and strategic. Partnering with us we will work with you to identify and remediate any immediate risk and develop a longer-term strategy that considers the business needs and investment priorities.

Traditional IT Support services operate on a reactive model; they fix problems as they occur, or when something is not working as expected. This can be catastrophic if an event occurs out of hours and work doesn’t start to resolve this until the next working day.

Our Approach;

  • Detect – identify problems ahead of or as an incident occurs
  • Resolve – fix problems in a timely manner to avoid outages
  • Change – apply scheduled changes to avoid downtime

Information Security Assurance

Information Security; a real risk that we all face every day! It is a taboo subject but no one is safe, including IT and Information Security providers.

The secret that they don’t talk about is we all operate with risk but these can be mitigated through our suite of practical solutions and certifications. Giving you peace of mind and your customers assurances that you take their security seriously.

At Net-Defence we recognise that making your enterprise and information secure requires an integrated and comprehensive approach.

A balance is needed to identify and remediate immediate risk and establish longer term cultural changes and aspirational security assurance goals.

This will significantly improve the way any organisation sets itself up to monitor and adjust in the face of evolving and emerging risk with the potential of changing company risk posture.  Allowing you to make risk-based decisions, and improving your business operations and its resilience.

Unified Telephony and Communication Solutions

Technology operates in a fast-moving, ever-changing world. Many organisations place an emphasis on IT infrastructure to the detriment of their telephony. After all, why fix what isn’t broken?

Internet Telephony (VOIP) technology is not new; but with the announcement of analogue and ISDN services being turned off between 2023 and 2025 not to mention the continued need to adjust to agile working due to the ongoing COVID-19 impact now is the time to understand the options available.

Net-Defence is working with market leading communication technology to bring you access to internet telephony (VOIP), online meeting tools, messaging and joined up communication platforms across any device types from anywhere.

Our promise to you;

  • We always operate with integrity, we are honest, straightforward & always do our utmost to do the right thing.
  • We are open, candid & clear in all we do.
  • We all accept personal accountability, managing our business and that of our customers as if it were our own.