Remote Management and Maintenance (RMM) can be a game-changer when it comes to patching and keeping your systems up to date. Protect against cyber-attacks and data breaches, improve performance and reliability – Here’s how an RMM can help with patching:

Centralised Patch Management: With an RMM, you can centrally manage patching for all connected devices, streamlining patching process and supplying consistent updates across the network. Our article Debunking Common Myths and Unlocking the True Potential of Our Remote Management and Maintenance System shows you the benefits.

Automated Patch Deployment: RMMs offers patch deployment, allowing Prompt application of critical patches and minimised security vulnerabilities.

Patch Testing and Validation: Evaluate patches in a controlled environment before deploying them network-wide. Verify compatibility and stability, avoiding potential issues. Our article Unleash the Power of Updates: Securing, Optimising, and Unleashing the Potential of Your Digital Life explains the importance of patching.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Supply real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting on your patching activities. Track patch installations, identify devices that require updates, and ensure patching compliance.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: RMMs strengthens security by enforcing patching policies and ensuring up-to-date devices. Maintaining security and compliance with reduced effort.

An RMM simplifies and streamlines your patching process. It centralises patch management, automates deployment, eases testing, provides you with real-time monitoring and reporting, and strengthens security and compliance across your network. By using such a system, you can efficiently keep your systems up to date, minimising vulnerabilities and maximising operational efficiency.

  • Forrester Consulting found that businesses using an RMM experienced an average 20% increase in IT staff productivity.
  • A survey by ManageEngine found 83% of IT professionals reported improved efficiency and time savings when using an RMM.
  • Nucleus Research found that organisations adopting an RMM experienced a 20% reduction in IT support costs.
  • In a case study conducted by Gartner, a company using an RMM reported a 40% decrease in the time spent on patching and software updates.
  • The Remote Workforce Benchmark Report by Aternity revealed that organisations using an RMM experienced a 17% increase in employee productivity.

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