Software Licensing

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Software Licensing

Licence management can be complex and expensive if it is not managed actively. You can end up with licences you no longer require, or worse be using unlicensed products which could lead to significant fines and penalties.

We can work with you to manage your software licences, usage and renewals so that you can better understand how this is being used, the cost and who is using it.

We can help provide full visibility so that you can optimise the number of licences in use, the cost and keep licence renewal costs to a minimum.

Given the busy role that IT departments play in an organisation, it’s easy to appreciate that licence renewals can slip through the net.

  • We provide extra reassurance by contacting you 8-12 weeks prior to the renewal
  • Net-Defence source the lowest price to renew, saving you research time
  • With our purchasing power, we can often renew licences at a lower cost.
  • Our technical team are always on-hand to provide advice and recommendations on alternative products.

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