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We deliver IT solutions to match your specific requirements. From full managed service to IT installs, IT upgrades through to data recovery.

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A Net-Defence employee monitoring computer servers

IT Managed Service

Most companies already have an IT Support in place, the service we offer at Net-Defence is different.

Traditional IT Support teams operate on a reactive model – they fix problems as they occur, or when something is not working as expected. This can be catastrophic if an event occurs out of hours and work doesn’t start to resolve this until the next working day. The key methodologies we apply is prevention and a proactive approach, these are critical to your IT to avoid unplanned outages and downtime.

We place intelligent monitoring to your IT environment which provides real time information to allow us to;

  • Detect – identify problems ahead of or as an incident occurs
  • Resolve – fix problems in a timely manner to avoid outages
  • Change – apply scheduled changes to avoid downtime

This maximises performance, and reduced costs as prevention is more cost effective than cure!

Do you worry about patches, back-ups and servers? We can help. With ND-Central, we can show you your entire infrastructure on one screen – every laptop, desktop, printer and server. The traffic light system instantly alerts our Net Services team to any issues.

Our patch status report, as viewed on an iPad.

IT Install

Software Licensing

IT Install

Whether you planning a large install or looking for advice on the latest equipment, we are here to help you.

We all know that occasionally, IT teams need a helping hand. Working with you we can provide guidance on the right IT equipment to meet your needs now and for the future. The support doesn’t end there, we can fully configure and install the equipment should you require us to.

From Software Licensing to replacing your entire network over multiple days or weeks, we can help. From desktop devices, network infrastructure or our professional services we can support your IT team.

Software Licensing

Professional Services

Software Licensing

Licence management can be complex and expensive if it is not managed actively. You can end up with licences you no longer require, or worse be using unlicensed products which could lead to significant fines and penalties.

We can work with you to manage your software licences, usage and renewals so that you can better understand how this is being used, the cost and who is using it.

We can help provide full visibility so that you can optimise the number of licences in use, the cost and keep licence renewal costs to a minimum.

Given the busy role that IT departments play in an organisation, it’s easy to appreciate that licence renewals can slip through the net.

  • We provide extra reassurance by contacting you 8-12 weeks prior to the renewal
  • Net-Defence source the lowest price to renew, saving you research time
  • With our purchasing power, we can often renew licences at a lower cost.
  • Our technical team are always on-hand to provide advice and recommendations on alternative products.

Hardware & Support

Hardware equipment comes in a variety of sizes and vendors and a plethora of configurations. If you source your next equipment via Net-Defence, we can use our experience and knowledge to select only the best vendors that supply quality equipment backed up by a support service that is properly managed, accessible and sustainable.

We have built up a team of engineers that understand the best application of equipment from vendors. We work with Hewlett Packard, Dell, Cisco, Meraki Sonicwall, Sophos to name a few. We’re here to help you select, install and manage the most suitable equipment based on your brief.

IT Install



Business computers and infrastructure see a lot of use. They are the backbone of your organisation, never take time off and unfortunately your equipment won’t last forever.

Typically, you should look to replace your servers every 5 years, desktops every 4 years, laptops very 3 years and smaller items such as tablets and phones every 2 years.

Net-Defence can help guide you through the latest equipment to ensure your organisation can use the latest software and support your customers and colleagues. As part of our service to our customers we are flexible, we can:

  • Offer advice on suitable equipment.
  • Purchase this on your behalf so you can benefit from our buying power.
  • Install the equipment, on a schedule to match your business.
  • Help you track the equipment you use – providing an audit of your existing equipment, the likely age, and replacements.
  • Help you with tagging to help ensure that all equipment is accounted for. With your permission, we can install remote monitoring on all new machines to ensure the latest software patches are applied to machines.

Learn more. We’re here to help you on an on-going basis. We want to be more than a supplier, we want to be your partner in IT.

ND Backup and Recovery

We have all experienced that moment when you realise you have lost hours of work – imagine losing an entire server that powers your business.

Using our industry leading software, we ensure that backups of your data are created regularly and stored off-site. The frequency and depth of your backup is something that we can discuss with you but once agreed we set a regular schedule so you can sleep soundly.

Our software regularly tests your backups and displays the status on an easily accessible screen so you’re always aware of the most recent status.

An image of our back-up software highlighting which days of the week a successful back-up has occurred.
  • Full Server Restores
  • Specific File Restores
  • Integrity Testing of Backups

ND Recovery

Have you already experienced an event where you have lost data and don’t have a backup? We may still be able to assist. We work with experts in recovering failed hard drives. Simply hand the drive to one of our experts and we’ll make arrangements to attempt recovery.

  • Single Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID Recovery

Once complete, it’s the perfect time to consider your backup options. We’ll even offer a discount.

Comms Services

Professional Services

Comms Services

Analogue, on-premise VOIP or agile cloud hosting? We can guide you through the options available.

Professional Services

Defend your business from threats, increase compliance and gain accreditation.