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Is Your Company Data Up For Sale? Schedule a GDPR Analysis

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A GDPR gap analysis is the first step to identifying what protective measures your business should take next. When you store data for your customers and your employees you are acting as a gatekeeper to their private information. It is up to you to put security measures in place that protect their data and safeguard against thieves utilising social engineering tactics.

Businesses have been obliged to be GDPR compliant since the legislation was passed on 25th May 2018. This means that you must now ensure that personal data is gathered legally and under strict conditions. The second step you should take is ensuring that those who collect and manage at it are protecting it from manipulation and exploitation.

Why is data so valuable?

Data is valuable when it is easy to manipulate. This data provides companies with information about their customers and this information can be used to generate targeted advertisements and more relevant content for users. It cannot be emphasised enough how valuable individual personal data is to those looking to manipulate it.

How Data Storage Has Changed

In the past data was generally stored on-site. Now, cloud storage is a more popular option. The invention of the cloud has been a double-edged sword. While it has allowed people to store their data in a way that is both readily accessible and stored in one place, it has also been easily manipulated by those looking to sell it on.

What happens during a GDPR Gap Analysis?

A professional consultant from Net-Defence will perform an initial analysis using state-of-the-art audit software. We examine your data storage, network design, backup and the processes your staff use to operate.

Different organisations security systems can vary – this is because there is no set data protection benchmark to abide by. This is slowly changing as governments sit up and take notice of the problem, but until then we will continue to tailor our services by your particular set-up.

The initial process will take two or three days and then we will present you with our report. This is the first step and more remediation will need to be done following the initial GDPR gap analysis.

What happens after the GDPR Gap Analysis?

After you have received your report we have many services available to you that we match with your needs to help you improve and reduce your risk. ISO education is an excellent step to take to make sure that you take a controlled step to risk management.

More often not human risk and human error are the weakest links. Educate your staff, educate your board and take a holistic approach to protecting your business.

Security in a digital era is an everybody issue.

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