Why Information Security Needs to be at the Centre of Everything You Do

The information security industry currently estimates that it will cost organisations £1.7 trillion to protect information over the next few years. Furthermore, recent statistics show that 43 percent of information security professionals believe their organisation is investing too little on to defend against attacks.

The threat of information security issues presents itself daily and can cause immediate business interruption, data loss and even financial fraud. At the same time, however, information protection costs are rising at least five times faster than inflation according to Gartner.

As a result, organisations today need to look beyond simply adding information security processes as an afterthought but should integrate them into their strategy from day one. When your organisation looks to do anything from building a laptop for a new employee to moving your email to the cloud security should be at the core of your processes and procedures.

Investment should not just take the form of hardware, software and experienced, skilled specialists. An information security awareness is the responsibility of everyone. An information security awareness program should be aimed at everyone within your organisation and explain the processes, technologies, services and information that create information security risk to the business. There are many ways this information can be delivered including posters, leaflets, newsletters, emails etc. but it will be different for every company depending on their needs.

What’s important about any information security or data protection training though is not just what you say but how well employees are allowed to ask questions – they’re doing this because they care about protecting your information so if you shut down their line of questioning then the message isn’t going to in as effectively as possible.

Net-Defence and our Information Security Assurance program will take your organisation, step by step, through a continuous plan of improvement and consolidation. Along the way you will be assessed to globally recognised standards thus ensuring your suppliers and clients know you take their data seriously. Learn more.

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