The IASME Cyber Assurance (CA) Scheme is your roadmap to robust Information Security, tailored to reinforce your commitment to protecting sensitive information. Key aspects of CA that you’ll benefit from:

Risk Management: You’re encouraged to embrace the scheme’s focus on risk management principles. Rather than adhering to a checklist, you can proactively identify and manage your cybersecurity risks.

Cyber Essentials: As part of CA, Cyber Essentials certification is a necessity. This baseline cybersecurity standard empowers you to implement key security controls, effectively safeguarding against prevalent cyber threats.

GDPR: Aligned with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the scheme helps you in managing the data protection and privacy facets of your operations.

Information Security Management: Central to the CA Scheme is the adoption of robust information security management systems. Embrace best practices, policies, and procedures that protect your critical data assets.

Continuous Improvement: The scheme fosters a culture of continuous improvement in cybersecurity. Regularly updating your security measures, staying current with industry standards, and adapting to emerging threats are requisites.

Supply Chain Assurance: Acknowledging the criticality of supply chain security, the scheme prompts you to evaluate the security practices of your suppliers and partners. This approach promotes consistent security standards across your ecosystem, thus ensuring resilience.

Alignment to ISO27001: CA shares a common emphasis on information security management with ISO27001. Both underscore the significance of risk assessments, management commitment, and robust security measures.

The CA Scheme enhances your information security posture and boosts your data protection practices. It serves to build trust among your clients and partners, as it is a testament to your commitment to robust security measures.

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