In a world where connectivity is everything, how sure are you that your cabling is fit for purpose. No matter how large or small your organisation is, if you are unable to connect to your systems and information you will be unable to operate.

With the end of landline, everything within your organisation will be fully dependent on your cabling and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Whether you’re installing new cable, troubleshooting existing or just unsure as to what you have as the backbone of your infrastructure cable testing plays an important role.

As networks evolve, so does the requirement of cabling infrastructure you need to support them. In the cabling industry, FLUKE is the top-of-the-line tools that technicians use for certification services and tests. By using FLUKE, your system can be certified to function at the highest of industry standards.

A FLUKE testing assessment covers many aspects of cabling to ensure it is highly reliable and secure, including:

  • Any fibre optic cable loss.
  • Cabling has been installed appropriately (and safely).
  • Any cable is damaged.
  • If cable exceed the recommended length.

FLUKE testing helps you to avoid surprises and ensure your cabling infrastructure is fit for purpose.

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