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GDPR makes Digital Trend – bedtime story narrated by voice of the shipping forecast

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GDPR Bedtime Story

GDPR makes the shipping forecast! Yes really.

The Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Team (GRC) at Net-Defence is in high demand. Post 25 May, the day new legislation came into force on data management compliance, requests for GDPR Gap Analysis have soared as organisations want peace of mind that their processes will reduce risk of running foul of GDPR compliance.

However, whilst our GRC team travel the length and breadth of the UK to deliver gap analysis and training, they have had no trouble sleeping – with a handy new use for this extensive new piece of legislation;

As reported by Digital Trends “the GDPR document, turned to Peter Jefferson, a former announcer who made a name for himself as the reader of the BBC’s Shipping Forecast, a long-running nightly broadcast detailing sea conditions around the British Isles which is famed for its relaxing theme tune and the soothing tones of those who read it.”

You can now find the calming tones reading you to sleep on an array of sleep apps from the GDPR legislation!

Net Defence helps our clients sleep at night by removing fears from security breach in a digital age. We are an award winning security specialist, helping organisations protect both assets and people in an age where there is significant risk from digital breach.

Our team is highly skilled and trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations, and leading individuals globally.

Our Award Winning Team Is

A Trusted Partner of Police Scotland – Trusted Partners is the group of companies working in Scotland who have passed the advanced status of being Cyber Essential Certifying Bodies. This means that we can advise companies on achieving that core standard of Cyber Essentials and for larger or more advanced companies, Cyber Essentials Plus.

An advisor to UK and USA Law Enforcement Agencies.

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