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We are the For Legal cyber partner, providing training and awareness on cyber security and resilience. We, are striving to simplify IT and cyber security & resilience, making it affordable, attainable and available to all.

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Protect, support and help to keep your organisation secure and resilient.

No matter how large or small your organisation is, without access to your IT, communication systems and information you will be unable to operate! As cyber and data protection risk increases, this is making a business continuity and cyber security an essential service to protect your business operations.

Partnering with us, allows for a reduced threat risk level, protection for your organisation from the most common threats, appropriate certifications achievement and safeguarding of your information.

By increasing your knowledge through education will enable informed decision making and reduce the risk in your organisation.


Protecting your staff and your organisation

Fire! This is not a drill

Learn how we supported a customer following a catostrophic fire.

Cyber Security – Immediate Actions

We share five areas that we recommend you review today.

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