A False Sense of Security

As some normality returns to everyday life we are all starting to attend live events once again. Security and entry requirements have changed as we all expected.

We are all finding ourselves standing in longer and slower entry lines under the explanation that all of the checks old and new make the event a safer place.

It was at one such event I questioned is this really protecting me from risk? Whether is it a vaccination check or metal detectors to ticket checks. Is this fast becoming a tick box exercise? Showing visible security as a deterrent, meeting the minimum requirements, ultimately all there to help all attendees feel safe….until they’re not.

A false sense of security is just a risky in the business world.

Organisations will have anti malware. Sorted, done and dusted. But do they test and monitor it? They have firewalls but do they test and monitor these? They have automatic updates on but do they know everything is working as it should be? Mostly they don’t but because they have added visible security as a deterrent, met the minimum requirements and ticked all of the boxes. The organisation is safe until it is NOT!

The point? It’s not enough to play roulette with your information security. In fact, it’s the one aspect of security that you don’t need to. It takes very little to get independent help and advice. Do you have a false sense of security about your data?

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