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Protecting your IT infrastructure, data and reputation of your organisation is now more, than ever critical to its ability to be successful.  Security testing (or pen testing) is designed to detect vulnerabilities within a system and/or infrastructure that are potentially exploitable from unauthorized users.

A key part this is security testing. We offer 3 types of testing as standard, along with some bespoke offerings;

Protecting your IT, communication systems and your data are vital to your operational resilience. Security testing, often referred to as penetration testing, is designed to detect vulnerabilities within your systems and/or infrastructures. Knowing which vulnerabilities, you are facing allows you to invest resources, time and money on the areas that really need it.

Vulnerabilities are the attack vectors, that cybercriminals exploit to gain access your systems. Once they have access to your systems they can access, steal and/or delete;

  • Business or customers financial information
  • Sensitive personal data
  • Customers’ or staff email addresses and login credentials
  • Customer databases and clients lists
  • IT infrastructure (e.g. encrypt via ransomware)
  • IT services (e.g. stop your ability to accept online payments)
  • intellectual property (e.g. trade secrets or product designs)

Attacks can come from many sources, including current or previous employees. Social engineering is one common approach by both hackers and testers.

Our two most common types of testing are Perimeter and Web Application. Work is executed using a number of recognised standards. Bespoke testing is also available.

Perimeter Penetration Testing

This test is a simulation of a hack against your business from outside of your network, using the same methods as a cybercriminal.

The test is designed to identify weakness and vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain unauthorised access to your systems, assets and data. This test is often referred to a Network Penetration Test.

Web Application Penetration Testing

This is a comprehensive security review which will involve testing web and mobile applications to help uncover vulnerabilities and poor security controls.

During the test we will attempt to exploit any weaknesses and insecure functionality within the application.

The test will include web facing infrastructure including your servers and network devices.

These tests can cover websites, customised and mobile apps, as well as apps such as SharePoint, Intranet and Exchange.

Vulnerability Testing

This differs from other testing, as it is a regular program rather than a point in time test. Penetration testing will go deeper, and will attempt to exploit the vulnerability. Vulnerability testing is performed frequently, often quarterly, and will find all potential vulnerabilities.

An effective vulnerability assessment program allows you to understand your security weaknesses, assess the risks, and take action that will reduce the potential and likelihood of a breach.

Each vulnerability assessment provides you with information about weaknesses in your environment, offers fresh insights into degrees of risk, and suggests ways to best mitigate the risks associated with those weaknesses and evolving threats.

What to expect after testing

At the end of each test a report will be provided this will detail;

  • Summary of the Organisations security health (helpful for non-technical audience)
  • Risk based report for each vulnerability identified;
    • Evidence of findings
    • Real world impact
    • Retesting

Security testing is one tool in your kit to ensure your network is secure. Our skilled testers use a combination of experience in conjunction with automated and manual techniques.

As with everything in this digital era new threats are emerging every day. We are here to help you build the best defence possible. Why not talk with one of our specialists to understand more how we can help you and your organisation.

Penetration testing can range in a number of ways from testing one device to a full network across multiple sites.

Cyber Security Bundles

A structured security plan to match your organisation.

Cyber Resilience

Ensure compliance and gain a competitive edge with essential industry accreditations