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Appropriately protect your personal data to avoid enforcement action and penalties

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Data Protection & Risk

The ICO can act against any organisation who has failed to appropriately protect personal information, up to and including financial penalties. This includes cyberattacks and data breaches (both with intent and accidental).

In the UK, you must be able to demonstrate your compliance with the UK Data Protection Act (2018) and the EU GDPR Legislation.

Personal Information includes;

  • Customer personal information
  • Business and customer contact information (including your marketing database)
  • Employee personal information
The ICO does not provide an official GDPR or data protection certifications or accreditations. We can assist you with;

  • Risk Assessment Workshops
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Security Incident management, assessment and reporting
  • Company policies and procedures

The alternative is to consider the IASME Cyber Essentials and Cyber Assurance certifications.

Cyber Essentials; is focussed on assessing your technical controls to ensure you have them in place to protect you from the vast majority of common cyberattacks.

Cyber Assurance; is focussed on assessing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your assets (people, buildings and business information) through policies and procedures.

Cyber Essentials Plus and Cyber Assurance Level 2, the higher-level certifications, give the added reassurance of an independent assessment by our certified assessor.

Combining these certifications demonstrates you have taken appropriate steps to adequately protect your data, including any personal data you hold.

Together these certifications;

  • Protect you from the most common cyber threats
  • Provide you with assurances you have adopted industry best practices and protocols
  • Reduce your risk of cybercrime
  • Demonstrates to the external world you take information & cybersecurity controls seriously
  • Provides assurances that you are compliant with all legislation, regulatory & best practices for securing your data and information
  • Assess your data protection policies and processes against GDPR best practices
  • Significantly reduces your threat from external and internal attacks

Cyber Security Bundles

A structured security plan to match your organisation.

Cyber Resilience

Ensure compliance and gain a competitive edge with essential industry accreditations