Cyber Security & Resilience Bundles

Bringing together relevant certifications to prevent cybercrime.

Cyber resilience bundles, bringing together certifications to protect and defend your business from cybercriminals, while delivering cost and effort savings.

Your best allies in your battle against cybercrime are prevention and preparation. When you don’t know where to start, these bundles are a clear pathway to reducing risk and protecting your business operations.

The most effective prevention approach is obtaining certifications that provide you and your customers with assurance that you have taken appropriate steps to reduce your risk, demonstrate your compliance, and protect your data and information.

The most well-known is the Cyber Essentials Certification, aiming to safeguard your business from the most common cyber threats while ensuring the application of best practices across your IT infrastructure.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a higher-level certification that gives the added reassurance of an independent assessment.

Newer to the world of cybersecurity is the IASME Cyber Assurance Certification, developed through government funding to create a cybersecurity standard. This standard allows small companies to demonstrate their cybersecurity, as an alternative to the international standard, ISO27001.

This certification assesses people, processes, technology, and assets, demonstrating the level of cyber security, privacy & data protection. The controls within Cyber Assurance are mapped to the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) 10 Steps to Cyber Security.

The IASME Cyber Assurance Level 2 gives the added reassurance of an independent assessment.

Beginner bundle:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Assurance
  • Basic Policies

Advanced bundle:

  • Cyber Essentials
  • Cyber Assurance Level 1
  • Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Cyber Assurance Level 2
  • Basic Vulnerability Testing
  • Basic Policies
  • Cyber Assurance Toolkit

Value & Outcome

Independent attestations, recognised across the UK, that demonstrate your commitment to protecting your business operations, data and assets. Delivering additional value through:

  • Demonstrating to your employees, stakeholders, and the external world that you prioritise information & cybersecurity controls
  • Assuring that you are compliant with all legislation, regulations & best practices for securing your data and information
  • Competitive advantage over your peers
  • Access to new public and private sector customers who often require this as a mandatory expectation
  • Significantly reducing your threat from outside and internal attack

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