Cyber Jargon Busting – Spotlight on CiSP

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Cyber Jargon Busting – Spotlight on CiSP

We regularly take a look at explaining cyber jargon – often jargon busting across the cyber and digital security industry for company Directors and CEO’s. If you have a request for our consultancy team to publish a helpful, plain English blog to help keep things simple, get in touch. Our team love to help.

Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)

CiSP is a joint industry and government initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in real time, in a secure, confidential and dynamic environment, increasing situational awareness and reducing the negative impact on UK business.

CiSP is funded by the Government through the National Security Programme for organisations who manage IT networks.


CiSP produces a wide range of products to cater for organisations at all levels of cyber maturity. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Alerts and Advisories, including from national and international partners
  • Best practice and guidance documents on common themes
  • Quarterly Reports on threat trends Malware and phishing email analysis


  • Engagement with industry and government counterparts in a secure environment
  • Early warning of cyber threats
  • Ability to learn from experiences, mistakes and successes of others and seek advice
  • An improved ability to protect your organisation’s network
  • Access to subject or sector specific content – including vulnerabilities, latest incidents and exercising
  • Access to free network reporting tools to help protect organisational security.
  • Improved cyber situational awareness at no costs to your organisation.

Net-Defence is a member of CiSP, and active member of the Scottish Regional Network within CiSP, and a Trusted Partner, approved by Police Scotland and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre.

Net-Defence is also a regular advisor to law enforcement agencies in the UK and USA. As well as consultancy and risk response support, our team train boards of Directors and senior staff teams in risk management, governance and how to engage with law enforcement.

We provide subsidised rates for third sector organisations.

If you would like a no obligation chat about how we can help your organisation contact us.

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