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What is it, and why bother?
The Cyber Essentials Scheme was developed and launched by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in 2014.  The scheme was created to define security controls that should be implemented into organisations to mitigate common cyber security risks. This reduces risk and can add value for shareholders or help secure investor and customer interest for your business.

Net Defence provides certified support for commercial and third sector organisations.

Our Award Winning Team Is

A Trusted Partner of Police Scotland – Trusted Partners is the group of companies working in Scotland who have passed the advanced status of being Cyber Essential Certifying Bodies. This means that we can advise companies on achieving that core standard of Cyber Essentials and for larger or more advanced companies, Cyber Essentials Plus.

We are also an advisor to UK and USA Law Enforcement Agencies.

Our expertise includes IT security, telecoms security, governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) and social engineering. We consult, test, train and protect organisations and people.

Organisations can certify against two levels:

Cyber Essentials – Entry level
Applicants are required to submit a self-assessment questionnaire assessed by one of our consultants.

Cyber Essentials Plus – Enhanced level
Applicants are required to submit the self-assessment questionnaire which is then verified through a vulnerability assessment and security review conducted on premises by one of our consultants.

Net-Defence offers three different services to assist:

Upon completion of the certification process, clients will be able to display the Cyber Essentials or Cyber
Essentials Plus badge on their official documentation. This can assist third parties to differentiate between organisations and their levels of cyber security.

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