Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) provides rigorous testing conducted by our experts to identify and address potential security weaknesses, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your cybersecurity posture. It offers higher assurance to your stakeholders, clients, and partners, than Cyber Essentials (CE), boosting your organisation’s reputation and credibility.

Rigorous Testing: When you opt for CE+, our expert assessor will visit you. They conduct a thorough verification, including vulnerability scans, to identify security weaknesses in your systems. This hands-on approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation tailored to your specific environment, uncovering vulnerabilities that may have been missed in the CE self-assessment.

Higher Assurance: With the added testing of CE+, you can provide stakeholders, clients, and partners with a higher level of assurance. This certification demonstrates that your cybersecurity measures have undergone rigorous, especially when handling sensitive data or collaborating with your clients who prioritise security.

Compliance and Business Opportunities: Certain industries and government contracts require CE+ certification as a prerequisite. By obtaining this certification, you can meet specific regulatory requirements and gain a competitive advantage in sectors where cybersecurity is crucial. It also opens doors to new business opportunities, partnerships.

Continuous Improvement: Obtaining CE+ certification involves a detailed review of your cybersecurity practices. This helps identify areas that require improvement, allowing you to address vulnerabilities and weaknesses more effectively. The certification promotes a culture of continuous improvement, ensuring your organisation stays up to date with evolving threats and best practices.

Choose us as your trusted partner to unlock the benefits of CE+. Our expert assessors will work with you, providing valuable insights tailored to your organisation’s environment.

For a more technical look at CE and CE+ see our articles Securing the Future, Unlocking Cybersecurity Navigating CE and CE+ and Defining your Cyber Essentials Scope.

  • Over 10,000 organizations have achieved CE+

  • Organisations with CE+ were 80% less likely to experience a data breach

  • CE+ led to a 30% increase in customer trust and confidence

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