Gareth Mercer – Associate – CRGP Archtiects

In October 2022, our building caught fire late into the evening causing extensive damage.

We contacted Net-Defence, our IT support provider to let them know about the situation. Whilst we worked with the fire brigade, police, and insurers they came up with a plan to get us back online. This is not something we expected as it is not part of our IT support package.

In less than 8 hours our key applications and systems were up and running, and within 48 hours systems were 100% fully functional. More than 99% of our data had been recovered and employees were back online and working.

Net-Defence had previously implemented an off-premise, cloud-based backup solution. This allowed them recover from our backup to their hardware and host our IT from their secure server rooms.

We were delighted that we were fully operational start work again on the Monday morning after the fire. The support we received went above and beyond our expectations and allowed us to focus on business priorities knowing our IT was in safe hands.

As part of your ability to continue to operate when a disaster occurs you need to consider;

  • Where is your backup?
  • Is your backup separate (physically and digitally) from your IT infrastructure?
  • Have you tested your ability to recover from your backup?
  • How much data are you prepared to lose, and does your backup frequency match that?
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