Security should be inherent in every part of traditional IT. Our digital security services are underpinned with solutions that ensure digital security is integral for our clients.
Being vendor agnostic we objectively engage with products, combining leading technology to provide performance and efficiency, cross-platform fulfilment and IT support.
Our services include hardware and software provision, systems integration, licensing, planning, core and perimeter network and systems design, installation, backup, monitoring and support.

Managed Services

Aligning IT systems that support objectives, drive efficiencies and optimise resource is fundamental to achieving organisational goals. Our Managed Services provide clients with a wealth of experience to deliver bespoke IT systems that are fully aligned and efficiently managed to meet their needs. Our team is  part our clients team. We therefore ensure each team member is an expert in their respective field and highly qualified to deliver the services we provide.

Whilst holding relationships with a number of industry leading product houses, we are vendor agnostic in order to select the optimal resources for clients. We can fulfil all software and hardware requirements, including high capacity networks, servers, printers, scanners and office applications.

We understand the importance of business continuity and the risks associated with system failure. Our IT Maintenance and Support provides an extended network of dedicated and experienced professionals, available 24 hours a day to deliver efficient and responsive solutions when issues arise.


Demand on networks continues to increase and downtime is no longer viable. It is therefore business critical to have a resilient, high performance network that can grow with an organisation.

Working with industry leaders, we specialise in designing, engineering and optimising a client’s network – offering internet connectivity, email systems, disaster recovery measures, security and access control solutions.

Once a network is established, our IT support service provide on-going maintenance and the expertise to expand and develop as business needs evolve. We also offer 24 hour network monitoring and remote fault management to minimise the impact of carrier failure.


Consultancy provides an independent, digital security skills-set for an organisation’s specific problem, requirement or gap. We offer impartial ICT security expertise, engaging with clients to augment existing organisational resources to solve problems and transfer knowledge. Our services offer the business and technical knowledge to develop business strategy or ICT strategy into a pragmatic and achievable engineering project.

The specialist skill-sets we offer include hardware and software, operating systems, Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) architectures and platforms, networking, switched and routed infrastructure, application development and code review.


Where virtualisation is the desired route for a client, we design and implement a virtualisation strategy to suit the organisation’s objectives.

Our solutions drive efficiencies, reduce costs and streamline the management of IT infrastructure. By offering SaaS (Software as a Service) IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service),and PaaS ( Platform as a Service)  services we enable the rapid deployment of applications, increased performance and availability and greater automation of operational tasks.


From hosting basic websites to the implementation of large scale dedicated servers, each organisation has distinct hosting needs.

Our hosting experts tailor services for a client’s specific requirements. We offer a fully integrated web hosting solution to provide scalable, secure and highly available hosting with dedicated servers to clients worldwide.

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