6250 MkII – Ship Mount Dehydrator

25 litres of free air delivery per minute

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This unit is ideally suited to provide a supply of clean dry air at low pressure for use in pressurising antenna systems, waveguides and communications cables. The unit is contained within a rigid steel frame.

COMPRESSOR Oil-less Air Compressor
POWER SUPPLY 110/115V AC 60hz
DRY AIR OUTPUT Free air delivery 25 litres per min
OUTPUT PRESSURE Factory preset to your requirements over range of 0-15 psi
Relief valve prevents over-pressurisation.
DEWPOINT Better than -40 Degrees Celsius
WET DRY BYPASS Fail safe solenoid valve controlled by Humidity Detector
GAUGES Compressor Running Hours Counter
Output Dewpoint (LED)
Outlet Pressure (LED)
Dewpoint and Pressure Display
Power on/off
Low Output Pressure Display
ALARMS High Humidity Alarm
Mains Fail Alarm
NOISE LEVEL Better than 60 dBA @ a distance of 1 meter
AIR DRIER Automatic heatless reactivation.
Desiccant – molecular sieve
OPERATION Temperature limits of 5c-40c
DIMENSIONS Height: 600mm Depth: 300mm Width: 500mm
Weight: 30 Kg
PAINT FINISH Light Admiralty Grey BS381c TINT 697 Semi Gloss
6250 MKII Ship Mount Dehydrator

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