6247 Waveguide & Transmitter Compressor/Drier Unit

120 litres of free air delivery per minute

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The type 6247 is designed as a fully automatic pressurising dehydrator, one of the key features of this unit is its ability to remain on line while being serviced. This is achieved by incorporating parallel compressors and desiccators, if one side of the system goes down then the other can take over. This is an essential feature for applications where safety or operational needs dictate continuous operation.

Scheduled maintenance intervals are only required after 5000 hours of compressor run time, with a typical duty cycle of 5% – 10% this unit is capable of running for prolonged periods without intervention. The standard unit is fitted with an air receiver tank in series with the dry air output, the pressure in this tank is sensed by the control electronics, closed loop control of the compressor ensures that it only turns on when required.

COMPRESSOR Two of 1HP Gast Model 6HCN
DRY AIR OUTPUT 60 litre free air delivery (one compressor)

120 litre free air delivery (two compressors)

OUTPUT PRESSURE Three outlets adjustable 0-5, 0-25, and 0-25 respectively
DEWPOINT Better than -40 Degrees Celsius in ambient conditions of +30 Degrees Celsius and 75% RH
WET DRY BYPASS Fail safe solenoid valve controlled by Humidity Detector
ALARMS Compressor fail No. 1 & No. 2
Drier Fail No. 1 & No. 2
Low Air Receiver Pressure
AIR DRIER Twin bed, fully automatic heatless reactivation
Dessicant – molecular sieve
DIMENSIONS Height: 1815mm, Width: 800mm, Depth: 600mm
PAINT FINISH Outside: Acrylic Leatherette Green Trimite spec. R88248-S/86
Inside: Lizard Grey Semi-gloss to BS4800 tint 10B21
6247 waveguide compressor drier unit

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