6233 – 19 Inch Rack Mount Dehydrator

3 litres of free air delivery per minute

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This compact automatic pressurising dehydrator fits into a standard 19″ rack and only utilises 133mm of height. The unit is completely self-contained requiring no additional hardware. Output Pressure is controlled electronically thus removing the need for external pressure regulators, the customer can specify an output between 0.5 PSI and 15 PSI.

The system is designed to be fully automatic, routine maintenance is minimised by the use of an automatically regenerated molecular sieve. Scheduled maintenance intervals are only required after 2500 hours of compressor run time, with a typical duty cycle of 5% – 10% this unit is capable of running for prolonged periods without intervention. The types 6233 & 6234 only differ in terms of front and rear connections, the 6233 interfaces via the front panel and the 6234 via the rear.

COMPRESSOR Oil-less Air Compressor
POWER SUPPLY 220/240 V AC 50Hz
DRY AIR OUTPUT 3 litres free air delivery per minute
OUTPUT PRESSURE Specified by customer between 0.5psi and 15psi
DEWPOINT Better than -40 Degrees Celsius in ambient conditions
of +30 Degrees Celsius and 75% RH
WET DRY BYPASS Fail safe solenoid valve controlled by Humidity Detector
DISPLAY & ALARMS Dewpoint Trend ( Digital Readout )
Output Pressure ( Digital Readout )
Compressor total running hours counter
Output Dewpoint ( LED )
Output Pressure ( LED )
Low Output Pressure Alarms
Dewpoint Alarm
AIR DRIER Twin bed, fully automatic heatless reactivation
Dessicant – molecular sieve
DIMENSIONS Height: 133mm, Width: 483mm, Depth: 350mm
Weight: 11Kg
6233 - Rack Mount Dehydrator

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