Net-Defence is an award winning digital security specialist, helping organisations protect assets, data
and people in an age where there is significant risk from digital breach.

Who We Are


We are part of Ogilvie Group, a 65+year old family business that employs over 500 people nationwide and turnovers in excess of £250m.
Supporting corporate, military and satellite sectors, high profile individuals and families, small businesses, investors and third sectors organisations, we provide world-class security solutions designed for the digital age.

Our security and risk management specialists monitor, protect and defend critical assets, data and people; safeguarding and assuring clients in an evolving digital threat landscape.

Our specialisms include;

IT Security

Cyber Security

Data Protection

Data Compliance

Security Compliance

Information Security Governance

Social Engineering threat and protection

Stalking and personnel threat protection

Due Diligence checks

Staff, Director and Board education on security risk and solutions

Customised Dry Air Solutions for data storage protection

Why People Engage Us

Security must go beyond technology and network infrastructure products. Security needs to be an on-going process that includes people throughout an organisation.

Our team is highly skilled and trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations, and leading individuals globally.

Our Award Winning Team Is

A Trusted Partner of Police Scotland – Trusted Partners is the group of companies working in Scotland who have passed the advanced status of being Cyber Essential Certifying Bodies. This means that we can advise companies on achieving that core standard of Cyber Essentials and for larger or more advanced companies, Cyber Essentials Plus.

An advisor to UK and USA Law Enforcement Agencies.

Our expertise includes IT security, telecoms security, governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) and social engineering.

We consult, test, train and protect organisations and people.



We understand that security is more than technology. Our consultative approach considers all factors that impact your business environment; including people, operations, supply-chain, competitors and core business processes. The security solutions we offer are therefore flexible and tailored to your business needs. We secure your business beyond cyber-attacks by safeguarding against all threats faced during day-to-day operations.



We ensure each team member allocated to provide your support is a skilled specialist in their respective field and highly qualified to deliver the services we provide. Having security clearance at SC level, our team holds Lead and Senior CESG CCP qualifications in multiple disciplines.
Our team is made up of CREST members and, ISO27001 and ISO22301 Lead Auditors, GDPR foundation certified personnel, Chartered Engineers and SANS trained SCADA security professionals and the team is lead by management professionals.



The breadth of our capabilities reflects the expertise we offer your business. Our services include penetration testing, bespoke intelligence gathering and surveillance, tailored threat assessments, dark and deep web training, social engineering, and employee education. These services are unique to us. In addition, our accredited technical testing skills, information assurance frameworks and secure network design capabilities ensure security is completely embedded within your organisation.



A successful business is a resilient business. Our security solutions focus on your business risk and resilience to protect your environment against all potential threats. Partnering with us provides the sustainable skills and knowledge to embed security and resilience in the DNA of your organisation ensuring it is inherent and ever-present in processes, policies, culture and staff. Understanding the risk levels that your organisation faces and effectively leading change to protect your individual legal accountabilities, is paramount. Recent case law and published ICO fines include criminal prosecution, non-criminal enforcing and penalties and fines for company Directors. We train company Directors in governance, risk management and compliance, in addition to providing staff education programmes on social engineering and risk protection.
Robust security systems often adds value pre business exit also.

  • Bruce SchneierCommunications of the ACM
    “The mantra of any good security engineer is: ‘Security is a not a product, but a process.’ It’s more than designing strong cryptography into a system; it’s designing the entire system such that all security measures, including cryptography, work together.”


Our world is experiencing unprecedented change. In turn, the challenges and risks presented are continuously evolving. Net-Defence was established to meet this challenge and is lead by a recognised thought leader in this field. In 1997, our Managing Director was posed with a security requirement that could no longer be resolved through traditional approaches and methods. The emergence of the internet was beginning to radically transform the security landscape, he saw the gravity this new virtual network could have, and the new risks it would create. This rapidly evolving environment also needed new security solutions – this was the genesis of Net-Defence.



We prize collaboration and the pursuit of merit. Net Defence’s culture supports the continuous development of our team, engaging them to feed their professional growth and deliver outstanding expertise and knowledge based skill-sets. Part of the Ogilvie Group, a family business with a 65 year+ heritage our mix of tradition and innovation is unique and extends security in a digital era across construction, homes, fleet and surveying throughout the UK and internationally.
Our family business values also enable us to invest and support the third sector by developing cost effective third sector security solutions.



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