Why Net-Defence?

We provide IT Support (MSP), Telephony, Cyber Security & Resilience services to our customers. We deliver practical solutions, that bring immediate value to your organisation though cost savings, strengthening your security posture while reducing risk with a focus on outstanding customer service.

We, ourselves, are an SME, so face the same challenges and issues as our customers. We are proud to be part of a 3rd generation family business operating with trust, transparency and ownership.

Risk is constantly evolving, and has changed significantly over the last two decades. As the world has digitised, how your business operates has also changed, and cyber security has emerged as a huge risk to all organisations.

Cyber risk continues to increase and organisations have become dependent on their IT infrastructure for business continuity. Security is being placed at the forefront, as an essential service to protect your ability to operate should the worst happen.

With so much information available, it can be difficult to know where to look and which solution is best for your business. We are striving to simplify IT and cyber security; making it affordable, attainable and available to all.

Partnering with our specialists, will reduce your threat risk level, protect your organisation from the most common threats and safeguard your data through appropriate certifications.

With us, you receive our expertise, along with training and support to allow you to gain the knowledge you need to enable you to make informed decisions. Working in partnership to keep your business safe now and in the future.

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Our Services

IT Services

Managing your technology, enabling your business to operate efficiently and securely.

Telephony Services

Making communication simple and reliable.

Cyber Resilience

Reducing cyber risk, keep your business secure and resilient.