About Us

About Us

Net-Defence Investigations

Security for a digital era. Helping you sleep at night by protecting assets, data and people.

Net-Defence is an accredited digital security specialist, helping organisations protect assets, data and people in an age where there is significant risk from evolving digital threat.


We are an accredited and skilled team, serving clients throughout the UK and abroad from offices in Stirling and Newcastle. Part of Ogilvie Group, a 65+year old family business that employs 550+ people nationwide with a turnover in excess of £250m.

Supporting business, third sector, defence industry and high profile individuals and their families, we provide world-class security solutions designed for the digital age.

“Security is not a product, but a process.  It’s more than designing strong cryptography into a system; it’s designing the entire system such that all security measures, including cryptography, work together.”

Bruce Schneider Communications of the ACM

Why People Engage Us

Security must go beyond technology and network infrastructure products. Security needs to be an on-going process that includes people throughout an organisation.

The team at Net-Defence is highly skilled in Security Transformation and is trusted by some of the UK’s leading organisations, and leading individuals globally.

Our Award Winning Team is 

Reliable – Part of Ogilvie Group, a 3rd generation family business, now employing over 550 people throughout the UK, we are a reliable provider.

Trusted– As a Trusted Partner of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre , approved by Police Scotland, we are a recognised security accreditation body. This model is now being rolled with law enforcement throughout the UK.

Credible – We have successfully provided services to a risk diverse client base throughout the UK, Europe and the US. We are recognised for our work in the public and third sectors, having worked on transformation projects for clients operating in Defence, Ministry of Justice, Housing and the Prison Service, as well as for some of the UK’s most respected professional service and commercial firms.

Valuable – We deliver board level education on security governance in a digital era for the Institute of Directors.

Recognised – Our credentials extend to our partner Vendors, approved by leading and global brands including Gamma, Symantec, Arcserve and Fortinet.

We consult, test, train and protect organisations and people.

Our specialists can help you with

✓ IT Security

✓ Cyber Security

✓ Information Security


✓ Security Compliance

✓ Data Compliance

✓ Information Governance



✓ Due Diligence

✓ Staff Training

✓ Director and Board Education



Our world is experiencing unprecedented change. In turn, the challenges and risks presented are continuously evolving. Net-Defence was established to meet this challenge and is lead by a recognised thought leader in this field.

In 1997, our Managing Director, former GCHQ Consultant, Alan Greig, was posed with a security requirement that could no longer be resolved through traditional approaches and methods. The emergence of the internet was beginning to radically transform the security landscape, he saw the gravity this new virtual network could have, and the new risks it would create. This rapidly evolving environment also needed new security solutions – this was the genesis of Net-Defence.

Space Sector Security with Net-Defence

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Why choose Net Defence?

You can trust us – our reputation is established. We are accredited, award winning and part of a 65+ year old family reliable business, serving clients throughout the UK, employing 550+ people.

We are also regularly engaged by IT companies and legal firms to provide trusted independent testing for IT and data protection compliance including GDPR Gap Analysis. This can provide robust evidence of effective risk management to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and insurance companies.