About Net Defence

We provide IT Support (MSP), Telephony, Cyber Security & Resilience services to our customers. We deliver practical solutions, that bring immediate value to your organisation though cost savings, strengthening your security and reducing your risk with a focus on outstanding customer service.

No matter how small or large your organisation is, there is one thing everyone has in common. Without access to your IT, communication systems, and information you will be unable to operate!

We are proud to be part of a 3rd generation family business operating with trust, transparency, and ownership.

As cyber risk increases, and with the end of landline technology, everything within your organisation will be fully dependent on your IT infrastructure. Business continuity, security and resilience is emerging at the forefront as an essential service to protect business operations.

With so much information available, it can be difficult to know where to look and which solution is best for your business. We are striving to simplify IT, telephony, and cyber security, making it affordable, attainable, and available to all.

Partnering with our specialists, allows you to reduce your threat risk level, protect your organisation from the most common threats, attain appropriate certifications and safeguarding of your data.

With us, you receive our expertise, along with training and bite-sized information to truly understand your risk level, how to mitigate it and make informed decisions. We pass our knowledge onto you and your employees to keep your business safe now and in the future.

Company Overview

Net Defence provides Managed IT, Information Security & Telephony Services to our customers.

Partnering with our customers to deliver; practical solutions bringing immediate value, combined with outstanding customer service.

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Purpose Values and Principles


To provide our customers with outstanding IT, Telephony & Information Security Services, bringing immediate value and practical solutions to their organisations.


  • Trust – We operate with integrity, we are honest, straightforward & always do our utmost to do the right thing.
  • Transparency – We are open, candid & clear in all we do.
  • Ownership – We all accept personal accountability, managing our business and our customers as if it were our own.

All of these are underpinned by the underlying values of a third generation family owned business whose aim is to provide a workplace where employees feel safe, appreciated and respected.

Our Information Security Professional Accreditations

Our Partners

Our Services

IT Services

Managing your technology to enable your business to operate efficiently and securely.

Telephony Services

Making communication simple and reliable through cloud technology.

Cyber Resilience

Reducing cyber risk, keep your business secure and resilient.